The Colors of the Christ -A New Foundation of Life

Jesus began to speak of the deterioration of life on earth, with war, flooding, earthquakes, fires and much more. Our foundations are beginning to crumble since they were never strong to begin with. Divine Law is now beginning to flood the earth. This is causing shifts and changes to make room for the new life, of love, joy and peace.

He spoke to me of my next step in the Staircase to Heaven. Then he began to flood my mind, and body with the Lights of the Christ. Teaching me what each one represents and that it would take six weeks for him to establish in me a new foundation of life and truth.

This particular wisdom is coming now due to the fact the September is going to the lightest time we have ever know on earth as week as a dark time. He said it was time for me to live in the truth of who I am and that this will let me live in this world not being afraid of the many changes that are coming. As the darkness creates cause. With this new foundation of light to live from I will live in the world but not of it.

My body reacted with shaking as the old foundation began to depart. It was very powerful and I already feel stronger, more confident and more committed.

I asked him if I could include the community in this amazing new level of light transmission from him. I am inviting who every feeds drawn to this six-week commitment to join us. We will begin September 1 and go to October 6th. Energy Exchange is $295.00. To join this six week with Jesus, go to

Jesus Blessing-Santa Fe, NM

Friday night Setember 16th at 7pm

Jesus will speak bring wisdom from the Heavenly Realms of Love. Followed with a one on one Blessing he will touch each person as he speak a message to them. A truly amazing time to have your life shift and expand into more love.

Thank you, Virginia!  Being in your presence is a blessing in itself.  When you channel Jesus, it is almost beyond words.  The tears of joy and love flowed freely I was so touched by His presence and love.  His teachings are beautiful.  HIs words and his demeanor are so filled with love and gentleness and hope. His personal message to me at two blessings I was able to attend were so on target, so what I was working on, so what I needed to hear that I cried all the more.  I feel I was deeply touched and know I had a shift in energy. I am flowing so much better with my ‘issues’.  It is a joy to observe my healing and growth. May God continue to bless you in your service to us and the planet.

Location: Barbara & Steve’s home

4002 Old Santa Fe Trail

$33.00 if pre-registered and $43.oo at door. Space is limited

Awakening the Cell of the Christ Retreat

3 Heaven Days of Being Immersed in Love

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Oct. 8, 9 and 10th

Oahu, Hawaii, November 11, 12 and 13th

Limited Lodging is Available if coming in for these event.

Jesus will work with each person individually Awakening the Cell of the Christ within them.

This retreat will change your life forever! 

Being in the presence of Virginia is being in the presence of Love itself.  The words spoken, the lessons taught, the activities we participated in… all of these were so powerful and trans-formative because they were delivered with and through the energy of this Love. I am transformed, and my soul was reminded what it is like to be Home. Thank you, Virginia! Thank you to all who participated. Carolyn

This retreat with Virginia was extraordinary. I am not the same person that I was when I walked in was gone. This work is unlike anything I have ever done before and has left me feeling more expansive, powerful, at peace, and in love with myself. Mere words cannot explain the magnitude of how magnificent this retreat was and how transforming Virginia’s energy and words are. This work is deep but extremely simple, fun and completely worth it. With love, Carly

10 spaces available -$200.00 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Balance of $195.00 at retreat.