The Science of Life

Jesus lived a scientific life. He lived without limitation or duality. He lived in the Truth of Love(Christ Consiousness)  Join me as I bring Jesus through with the Christ Consciousness to Illuminate our minds, emotions and bodies.  The Kidneys hold our fear and amplify our emotions to the world. Each week you will be receive the frequencies of Christ Consciousness and your Kidney will be illuminated.  The lower back is our center of well being, support and safety. As the new Truth is established in this area your lower back pain will dissolve in the Truth and Love of the Fifth Dimension.

Join us in the 4 week tele-class and ascend your kidneys and their fears into the fifth dimension.

We begin Monday February 15th at 5:30pm PST $295.00
  • required for the Medicine of Love Certification

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Magdalena Temple Healing 

Circle of Love Certification 4 week tet- class

Feb. 29th to March 19th,,,$295.00

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