Conversation with the Divine Male

The Divine Male is courage, strength, protection, and Divine Will. He is your honorable self; he is the energy of security that takes care of you and provides for you.

Becoming intimate with your own Divine Male, which is the Father energy of the universe as well as the Beloved Father within. This union and communion is needed and necessary at this time for strength and direction.

This is a Very Special Call with the wisdom and way of how to cultivate a deep communion with the Beloved Father within as well as the universal father energy. I will be channeling the Divine Male in two aspects Joseph, who holds the Father Energy for all of humanity until we become that energy, on earth and the Beloved Father within.

  • You will be taught many profound truths for these two Divine Male energies.
  • You will be guided into union and communion with your own Divine Male.
  • You will hear his voice and feel his strength to assist in these time of great change on earth.

Offering two classes: one for those in the Pacific Time zone and one in the Eastern Time Zone. Choose which one serves you.

Monday evening, October 24th at 6pm Pacific Time

Wednesday evening, October 26th at 6pm Eastern Time

Each Class is limited to 10 participants for interaction with the Divine Male.

Each will get a reading of assistance from the Divine Male.

Energy Exchange: $50.00

Jesus Blessing

Big Island, Friday night 4th, 7pm New Thought Center of Hawaii, Big Island

Building C, unit 302 Pualani Terrace 81-6587 Mamalahoa Highway, Kealakekua

Maui, Sunday Nov. 6th, 1pm Temple of Peace 

575 Hauku Rd. Haiku, Maui

Oahu, Nov. 10th 7pm 

location to be announced

Jesus will speak bring wisdom from the Heavenly Realms of Love. Followed with a one on one Blessing he will touch each person as he speak a message to them. A truly amazing time to have your life shift and expand into more love.

Thank you, Virginia!  Being in your presence is a blessing in itself.  When you channel Jesus, it is almost beyond words.  The tears of joy and love flowed freely I was so touched by His presence and love.  His teachings are beautiful.  His words and his demeanor are so filled with love and gentleness and hope. His personal message to me at two blessings I was able to attend were so on target, so what I was working on, so what I needed to hear that I cried all the more.  I feel I was deeply touched and know I had a shift in energy. I am flowing so much better with my ‘issues’.  It is a joy to observe my healing and growth. May God continue to bless you in your service to us and the planet.

$33.00 if prepaid or $43.00 at door

Mystical Egyptian Yoga Workshop -Maui, November 7th

Join us for an Egyptian mystical yoga experience; that allows you to enter into the Holy Chambers of the Sacred Seals. Here in these Holy Chambers you find the Indwelling Presence of Radiant Life. In these Chambers you learn how to journey between worlds using the Caduceus and its snake power of transmutation.

These ancient powers are now being returned to the people for unlimited self-realization and enlightenment.   The modern day name for this practice is Sacred Heart Yoga. It allows you to bypass the intellect and enter the Supreme Intelligence of the Sacred Heart.

Here in this sacred place is where you find the Lost Wisdom you seek…. bliss beyond words. True oneness is experienced to be lived. Sacred Heart Yoga captures your enter being as your mind become enlightened, your body becomes illuminate and your soul educated.

Monday, Nov. 7th at 2:00pm

Darcy Davis Yoga Space

42 Alohile Pl. Makawoa, Maui

$29.00 prepaid or $35.00 at door

Awakening the Cell of the Christ Retreat

3 Heaven Days of Being Immersed in Love

Oahu, Hawaii, November 11, 12 and 13th Two Spaces left

Limited Lodging is Available if coming in for these event.

Jesus will work with each person individually Awakening the Cell of the Christ within them.

This retreat will change your life forever! 

Being in the presence of Virginia is being in the presence of Love itself.  The words spoken, the lessons taught, the activities we participated in… all of these were so powerful and trans-formative because they were delivered with and through the energy of this Love. I am transformed, and my soul was reminded what it is like to be Home. Thank you, Virginia! Thank you to all who participated. Carolyn

This retreat with Virginia was extraordinary. I am not the same person that I was when I walked in. This work is unlike anything I have ever done before and has left me feeling more expansive, powerful, at peace, and in love with myself. Mere words cannot explain the magnitude of how magnificent this retreat was and how transforming Virginia’s energy and words are. This work is deep but extremely simple, fun and completely worth it. With love, Carly

10 spaces available -$200.00 non-refundable deposit holds your space. Balance of $195.00 at retreat

Jesus Blessing 

Friday, November 18th, at 7pm

Las Vegas, NV

4655 N Tee Pee LN

Feast of Love Workshop

with Mother Mary

December 3 and 4th  10 to 5 both days

909 Cherry Lane, Cinnaminson, NJ

Energy Exchange: $195.00 if pre-paid by Nov. 28th or $250.00 thereafter.