Thank you so much for the call last night. From the moment you came on the line the energy was intense. So much truth in your words my abdomen was contracting so hard i was doing crunches. You said everything i needed to  hear all in one call…. i thought the call was designed just for me. I know my life is changed forever. Thank you. I hope one day i can do something wonderful for you. Chad

Aloha Virginia, I deeply grateful  for your service and gift in channeling Mary Magdalena. I have been blessed with a sense of peace and confidence since our session. She echoed the messages to calm my ego and return to  the knowing that all is as it should be, and that I need to walk with trust and faith. Plus re-listening to the recording is certainly  going to reprogram my mind and shift me into a better space. Thank you Sincerely, Mahalo Piha,

Thank you so much for Sacred Codes of Ascension. Words are totally inadequate to describe the experience I had; in truth, I felt like we were going through a sacred rite, for it felt holy. I was truly honored to be part of it all, and look forward to continuing on this amazing journey. Shawn, NY

This is so cool.  I went to the doctor today to check on the foot, and he was amazed when he saw the x-ray.  The bone was healed.  So I get to move over to an ankle wrap instead of the clunky boot!  Yay!!  He said it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal a broken bone, but it was only 3.  He said maybe I had amazing bone healing power!  During the 20 minutes a day I have been saying the Sacred Code for rapid healing.”  Well it is happening!  Wow! Joan, California


“My eating disorder of six years has been healed. After our session I quite naturally moved into a vegetarian diet and am free of caffeine and cigarettes as well. I am also quite relieved to say, that I am for the most part, free from the fear of how others perceive and judge me.
Your reprogramming opened in me the love, courage and strength to fulfill my purpose.”
Ramona, Seattle, WA

“My personal experience with Virginia can only be described as extraordinary! I was open to her gentle guidance and her patience with each phase of my transcendence. The energy showed me memories and events, feeling them and forgiving, then seeing the light in the experience.
I am now in touch with a deeper level of myself and of my spiritual power. God has been revealed to me in a most loving light that envelopes my whole being.”
Monica, Palm Springs, CA

“Virginia Ellen opened up an emotional block which limited my life all these 83 years. Priests and psychiatrists were unable to free me. Her miraculous light sends forth the highest and best for anyone blessed to be in her presence.”
Masa, Honolulu, HI

“Virginia has a gentle way of bringing us into our hearts so we can find out what blocks us from our true connection between our mind, body and spirit. She lovingly guides us into our hearts and keeps us safe while we communicate with our emotions. It is a freeing experience which allows healing energy to move through our bodies and heal our past pains. This specialized energy work gently broke down the walls around my heart so that the light and peace of Spirit could be felt.
Virginia gave my heart an area to open up and to free the fear that bound me to old behaviors. It is a powerful therapeutic experience.”
Mary, Manhattan Beach, CA