The full moon on 1-15 is not asking for us to change it is demanding us to change.  The time is now to make the shifts we need to make letting go of attachment to the material world so that we can enter the spiritual world.

You may be asking, how do I make these monumental changes.  First I will tell you that the ego mind is the third dimensional mind. We all grew up in the world of duality right/ wrong, good/bad, better/worse, and the most worldwide belief is in sin and punishment.

These black and white beliefs cause us to feel guilty, fearful, angry, sad, and shame.  We stay separate from the Divine Indwelling God and this causes feeling of loneliness.  The society of this limited belief system rejects us if you are not as they say you should be. They may criticize us for not doing it right. We have all suffered from this limited dimension that we incarnated into.

The question now is am I ready to ascend into Heaven on Earth and in so doing heal the world. Each and every time we make on change and detach for the past beliefs we affect the whole.   

Jesus talks about heaven as being filled with unlimited potential and possibilities. It is all Radiance and all Vibration. Everything is existing in Heaven. Once we enter the Radiance and Vibrations of Heaven we bring Heaven to Earth and All are lifted.

I just completed 25 years of personal training from Jesus.  For years he has been telling me that this would be the time for me to live the abundance of love, joy and abundant life.

First, I ascended to the Throne of Love, then the Throne of Joy, and in November I began to ascend into the Throne of Abundance.  My body, mind and emotions have been purified of the ego. All is being given and in all of my private sessions I can now lift the individual into Heaven and the healing begins. Also my retreats, tele- courses and workshops are filled with the Radiance Light and Love of Heaven. This new frequency is implanted into the soul, body and emotion shift. The body is purified and begins to become Spiritualized and Illuminated by the Light. This is the path of Becoming the Living Light of the Christ.

The power of 1-1-14!  The new moon is happening on the 1-1 the first day of our ascension into the Christ Vibration.  This new moon has several planets that are creating a cross.  In the old third dimensional reality the cross is a symbol of Jesus suffer while carrying the cross. It is a symbol of third dimensional suffering and stuggle.  In the truth of the higher dimensions the cross is a symbol of Joy

This is an excellent time to look at your own struggles and suffering. Are you carrying the cross on your shoulder of demands, of have to, better or else. When Jesus first appeared to me he state, it is time to lie down the cross. Surrender to the Indwelling God any and all limited beliefs you may have and how you find yourself struggling and suffering.

The below wisdom is from the Sacred Heart Yoga Book.

Heartfelt Gratitude


This series of movements is symbolic, and holds the energy of joy.  The movements create within you the Essene Cross as they open the pathways for the energy to flow both vertically and horizontally in the symbol of the cross.  Jesus says that the Essene Cross is the symbol of joy.  When you are in the state of gratitude, you are in the state of joy.



The two polarities of female and male, or negative and positive energy are joined when bringing the hands into prayer position in front of the heart.  This instantly begins to bring inner balance to you.


Your knees are directly connected to the heart seal and chakra.  As you are kneeling, the heart seal will begin to expand.  You have heard the saying: as above, so below.  This is true in the body.  There are hinges within the knee that open the heart.  That is why, for eons, people also get on their knees when asking for forgiveness, because they are speaking from their heart centers.


The movements that follow are intended to take you into a deep space of heart-filled gratitude, which leads you into joy.


Kneel on both knees, placing your hands together in front of the heart seal in a prayer mudra.  Close your eyes and let the heart open.  Begin to thank God for your heart’s desire. (Fig. 39)

The Vibrations of God

It is time to express your God Self, to become and express the Christ within you. It is a time of great spiritual unfoldment for all.

To be a Christ your devotion to God must be all encompassing. You must live the life of truth, the life of devotion to God and not the material world. Then and only then are you the heir to your Father’s House.

When you live in devotion to God, you return your soul to its original purpose. Become one with the vibration of God, the vibration of oneness. As you worship and bless the God within you, he becomes real to you. What you worship you become.   

As you feel the vibration of God, he becomes real to you. For you must know that God is within you; what you experience and can accept as the truth, as real.

As you accept the truth by experiencing the oneness, then the truth will become knowledge and it will be imprinted into your consciousness; your cells; and your soul. It will vibrate this wisdom forever.

You will become the love of God; a Christ. The God within will become you, expressing freely through you. God will be alive within you, alive within every cell of your body.

In this way you are redeeming yourself. This God force within you will be your motivation for living.    

When you are living the God self through you, you wear dignity and glory becomes your victory. This victory leaves you free, in the state of love.

Prepare to receive the gift of God through the knowledge of your divine nature.


The solstice symbolizes birth and rebirth.  It is the darkest day of the year and the rebirth of light is on the horizon.  A rebirth is just waiting to come to life.

As we enter our own darkness and bring the light of understanding compassion and the love of Christ Consciousness to our inner darkness it begins to ascend. It moves every so rapidly into the light and becomes the light itself. In many ancient cultures the solstice has been a sign of a Christ Light being coming forth from the darkness bring with it hope, love and joy.