Walking in the Valley of Ease and Grace is walking in the higher dimensions where all things exist. In this valley there is no struggle, there is no time, there is no lack there is no disease. There is only Truth, there is only Love. I am now walking in this Valley of Ease and Grace with Yeshua/Jesus and am offering you an opportunity to join me and allow me to service you.  We great joy and love I will take you into this most amazing Valley and manifestation shall occur for you.   Shifts and changes shall occur for you.

The investment is $95.00 regular price $135.00.

Good for the Month of September.


Elixir of Immortality

I am back from my 3 week trip to the East Coast and Pacific Northwest. It feels good to be home with my loving community and to reconnect with you. Our Sacred Heart Yoga certification retreat on the Jersey shore was not of this world. Six out of the nine participants experienced the Activation of their Sacred Seals at different levels. We were blessed with a beautiful three story home filled with such love, peace and beauty. Participants had time each day to swim and play on the beach.
The last 4 days I began to ascend into a whole new experience. I will try to explain this expanded dimension as best as I can. During our yoga on the first of these four days of ascension there was a crystal clear light that moved up my spine from my lower Sacred Seals and it ascended into my brain. It was as if my brain was bathed in a fountain of liquid love, and I was baptized by this shimmering crystal light. In the higher dimension I could not move my body nor was I able to formulate any thoughts. I felt expanded into a timeless reality.
During this first and second experience I had deep emotions come out of my body and I began to cry. I was feeling completely out of control not knowing what was happening to me. Suddenly there was a voice that proclaimed that I was now an immortal being. I had no idea what that meant and could not even assimilate any connection with my consciousness to ask.
On the last morning again we gathered to share our last yoga together. During this session I was told that my pineal gland was now dripping the Elixir of Immortality into my cerebral spinal fluid. When I shared this with the group one of our participants was from India and he knew that this was a normal experience for advanced yogis. Since that time I am looking younger and very deep healing is occurring cleansing old outdated memories from my unconscious mind.

Walking In the Valley of Ease and Grace

As I experienced this new timeless, expanded state of being the next day Jesus appeared and said that I had ascended into the Valley of Ease and Grace and would now walk with him. Again there was no way for me to formulate thoughts however since then I will explain a few of my experiences. As we began to pack up and clean the house we each began to experience a bit of nausea which made the job an effort. I decided to lie down and connect with me divinity in Sacred Heart Yoga and suddenly I moved into the Valley of Ease and Grace and all of my symptoms vanished.

On my final evening we drove to Newark and I checked into a hotel to catch an early morning flight. I began to reorganize my carry on for my travels to Washington State the next morning. I began looking for my jewelry case to pull out what I would wear the following day. To my surprise the jewelry case was not in my suitcase. All of my special and favorite jewels were lost, so immediately I called the hotel and the other homes I had stayed in to see if it was there. Then I laid down and began my prayers of Sacred Heart Yoga and suddenly my brain was filled with light and energy left as my third eye and I saw and felt this energy returning my jewelry case to my suit case. Then I knew that it could materialize in ease and grace.

The following morning I began to unpack and went into my carry on to locate my supplements, to my utter amazement I felt something soft and pulled out my velvet jewel case. All of the jewelry was there and as you can image I was so excited and thrilled that my Sacred Energy had materialized my jewelry with such ease and grace.

The following day I was to drive from the Tri Cities to Coeur d Alene, Idaho for a dentist appointment and to spend time with another Sacred Heart Yoga teacher from Montana. That morning there seemed to be many delays and I did not leave until 11:15. The normal diving time is around four hours and I knew that there was no way I would make my dentist appointment. So I decided to let it go and would see if I could reschedule for the following morning. Once again I found myself in the Valley of Ease and Grace and I arrived in Coeur d Alene in two hours with time to go have lunch at my favorite Greek restaurant. Actually I arrived at the dentist ten minutes early.

Since that time each day has been filled with Ease and Grace, and the most amazing things are happening. I look different, I feel different and my life is different. I will keep you posted on what happens next. Since I have experience this new state of being I will be sharing the energy that can take you there with me.
Much Love and Joy to your Heart,
Virginia Ellen


July 26th is a time for celebration it is a Happy New Moon. Leo and Jupiter are joining together to support our expansion of joy and love. This is a great time to proceed with you hearts desires and create beyond this dimension. Connect to your creative vision and live in the Queendom of Expecting miracles.
This is an excellent time to go within and join forces with your Indwelling God and give Birth to a New Life Experience. Jupiter is the King of Gods. We are ascending into the Heart of God.
Live in Devotion to the Heart of God within you and in all people. As you do so, Honor will return to you and victory will be yours. You will live a life of Integrate and walk a path of harmony. You will be strengthened by the universal forces.
Leave the material plane knowing that money is not God, and trust the power of love to provide for you and sustain you through your ascension. Be willing to change and let go of the ego mind of right and wrong, better and worse, good and bad, blame and punishment. No more judgment no more blame, no more control.
Many Blessings and Much Love Virginia Ellen
P.S. I will be beginning a study group in late August and we will be studying Jesus Way to Attain Peace. If you are interested in joining us please purchase the Perfect Peace book. We will be reading out of this book and I will expand the wisdom found in this beautiful book.

The Luckiest Day of the Year
July 24th is the luckiest day of the year. The Sun and Jupiter will meet to open a tunnel of light that we can ride into joy, love and abundance affecting all area of life. It is a magical day; stay focused on what you so desire to experience in the days ahead. Stay out of doubt and fear and allow yourself to move on the beam of light and love into higher dimensions.
Choose to use July24 and an initiation into the Golden Light of Love.
We are complete with the first six months of 2014 which had many changes and challenges. This second six mouth will be much smoother and many good things will be happening in your life and the world.

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The Golden Light of Unconditional Love will be experienced in your heart and this will cleanse the old and awaken and develop the A Colum Of Golden Light that runs from your First Sacred Seal to the Seventh Sacred Seal. Each being who attends will be affecting the Healing of the World as their bodies become a fountain of Golden Light anointing the world with Golden Love and it shimming light.
Dates September 7th to 12th check upcoming events for more details.