The Luckiest Day of the Year
July 24th is the luckiest day of the year. The Sun and Jupiter will meet to open a tunnel of light that we can ride into joy, love and abundance affecting all area of life. It is a magical day; stay focused on what you so desire to experience in the days ahead. Stay out of doubt and fear and allow yourself to move on the beam of light and love into higher dimensions.
Choose to use July24 and an initiation into the Golden Light of Love.
We are complete with the first six months of 2014 which had many changes and challenges. This second six mouth will be much smoother and many good things will be happening in your life and the world.

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The Golden Light of Unconditional Love will be experienced in your heart and this will cleanse the old and awaken and develop the A Colum Of Golden Light that runs from your First Sacred Seal to the Seventh Sacred Seal. Each being who attends will be affecting the Healing of the World as their bodies become a fountain of Golden Light anointing the world with Golden Love and it shimming light.
Dates September 7th to 12th check upcoming events for more details.



A New Vision for Prosperity
Reflections from Jesus through Virginia Ellen

A New Vision for Prosperity through Virginia Ellen

Revolutionary Wisdom from Jesus
With this way of living you will find Union and Oneness with the Infinite Wealth of the Universe. This wisdom will lead you into the Christ Mind, the mind of love and all knowing.

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Healing the Ego Mind

Mary Magdalena is the great Sea of Creation. She helps humanity prove their readiness for ascension to the Throne of Godhood.


Melchezadek is Master of Eternal Life.


Believe in your worth. You are not better or worse than another. Believe in the worth of each individual, not one better or worse than another.


As the Sacred Seals Activate and the Supreme God energy within them is developed earth shall return to Paradise. Everyone will live in peace, harmony and joy constantly connected to the Supreme Intelligence of the Divine.


Each human has the free will to become a Super Human God. The time is now if you are ready to Activate your Sacred Seals giving birth to the Christ Light within. I have brought you the way of the Sacred Teachings I lived and knew to accomplish the great task of Becoming God Human.


You will then develop and train the Living Light to move forth by your conscious control, having dominion over your life. You will raise the Living Light from the tomb of your flesh. You will rejuvenate and have complete control of your flesh. Immortality and every lasting life will be yours forever.


As you accomplish this great task you are freeing yourself and all of mankind. All will have the experience of feeling the joy of knowing God in their own flesh.

The only way ego mind and the mental body can create union with spirit is through the emotions. Embrace the thought until every cell vibrates the frequency of the thought. Feel Beloved Ones; feel it is your passage to freedom. Feel your sadness, fears and anger so that they may be transformed into Joy.

Thought is electrical and vibrates at its own frequency.

The brain is electrical and chemical.

The body is electrical, chemical and mechanical. 

Your mind is the connecting link between the lower consciousness of your body and the higher consciousness of the Christ Mind. You live in duality, for your thoughts are not wholly material or wholly spiritual. You sway between these two truths, Choice which on you will serve, Your Brother in Service, Jesus

Sacred Heart Yoga is based on the science of the body as Jesus brought it to me.  Begin to think of everything as vibration rather than good and bad, or right and wrong.  We are drawn to people, places and things through vibration.  We attract to us people and experiences by the vibrations that we send out to the world.

Vibrations are the language of God.

In other dimensions, communication occurs through sound, color and symbols.  These are other ways of transmitting vibrations.  They all hold consciousness and vibrate the frequency of consciousness through the sound, the color or the symbol.  We communicate consciousness through the spoken word, through art, writing, music, dance and movement here in this dimension.

Your body lives within its own atmosphere of thought, which is your electrical field or aura.  Beyond your aura, which is filled with color, is a pure energy or white light that is your spirit.  Your spirit is one with the Mind of God.  The Mind of God knows all there is to know.  Super consciousness is one-mindedness (the Infinite Mind of God).

Your spirit brings you electrical impulses from the Mind of God.  What you think determines which impulses will come to you.  You draw to you vibrations to match your thoughts or frequencies.  In Sacred Heart Yoga, we tap into the Infinite Mind, which brings us high frequencies.  These frequencies then begin to purify the atmosphere around you, your body and your soul.  The atmosphere around your body is made up of vibrations from both your conscious and unconscious thoughts.  This atmosphere is a reflection of your attitudes about life, about yourself and about others.

Your body holds the past in it.  It holds the vibrations of the material plane, which are your human appetites for pleasure.  Jesus says: If you choose to pleasure your body (your animal soul), you will know all of the pains of hell.  This statement refers to all of our human appetites for instant pleasure, such as drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, food, money and sex.  It is when we are addicted and at the effect of the addiction that we know the pains of hell.  We have the opportunity to dissolve the addictions and their vibrations in Sacred Heart Yoga.