Thanksgiving Prayer

You are now taking a step into a new spiral of consciousness. Close your eyes and go
within and acknowledge yourself for being willing to Love your fears. Acknowledge yourself
for being willing to live the life of Love.

Read this prayer then close your eyes and say it from the depths of your being, with emotion.

Acknowledgement of Self

I acknowledge myself for being willing to love my fears.
I thank myself for cooperating with the Law of Love and loving my ego with all of its fears.
I acknowledge myself for being on earth at this time and being devoted to Becoming the Living Christ.
I thank the Christ within me for loving me in each moment as I move into the Love that I am fully and completely.

You are the Master of your Life

Teachings from Jesus

You are the maker and master of your life. Thought is the weapons by which you destroy yourself. Thoughts are the tools in which you build your heavenly mansions of joy, love, peace and strength.

By abuse of thought you destroy yourself and descend below the level of the beast. Do not look to the body for pleasure, for then the body begins to fail.

Once you fully accept that the light, the power, the love, and the wisdom of God is within you; this will set you free forever.

As long as you see the reality of sin in the world and continue to punish yourself and others with your thoughts and deeds you will not live in Sacred Unity with the all that is.

Correct these inharmonious thoughts and replace them with the truth.

You are the Light of God

The Light of God is within you.

11-11 is the frequency of Liberation and Celebration!

Liberation is Freedom. The Truth sets you Free as it liberates you from false concepts, beliefs and attitudes that bind you to the past. Liberation is a movement upward on the Spiral of Ascension. You cannot move upward until you are willing to move out of the limited beliefs and behaviors of the past. This takes trusting the unknown… it means living in the void for a time.

Knowing the Truth of the Unlimited Laws of the Universe will allow this journey upward to move with greater ease. It is now time to let go of the material man made laws and enter the vast unlimited realm of God’s Laws.

If you find yourself in judgment of self or others know you are in the material world not the spiritual world of Truth. If you desire to be better than another or if you feel less than; you again are stuck in the material world. If you believe in sin or punishment, right or wrong or bad and good, you are not moving in the Spiral of Ascension.  As you find yourself back once again in the material world, forgive yourself and the world. Forgiveness will untie you and unbind you from the past as it liberates you. The next step is to choose the Truth of God.

The Truth will create a harmonious direction to move upward on the Spiral of Ascension. The Truth will open possibilities for Ascension and Freedom.

Celebration is a Sacrament of Ascension and Truth felt and actions taken to demonstrate the Spiritual Laws of God on earth. We are now called to live as a Spiritual Being not a Material Being. This is being a Living Christ.

I Celebrate 11-11 with you as we move upward and no longer forward.  11-11 is an important date to prepare us for the new Spiral of Consciousness beginning on 1-1 and 1-2. Stay aware and conscious making the corrections moment to moment of your feelings, thoughts and behavior.


Become a Christ, Gods Highest Ideal Human

First, you must have faith, believing that God is within you. Know that this source of power can create all things that you need.

Live in devotion to the God within. Live in service to the God within. Bless the Beloved God within you for all of your good. By loving and blessing the
God within, you become the Living God. Whatever you love expands, multiplies and grows.

In this way you accept the truth. You begin to experience the God within and what you experience becomes knowledge. You become God Realized a Christ.

The love of God is in every cell of your body. It is the spark of life that created you.

As you pray in your Sacred Heart Yoga, you enter the State of Holy Communion which is receiving the vibrations of love, and wisdom from the one Mind of God. Your brain receives the frequencies of this truth through your spirit. The pineal gland then sends impulses of pure electrical vibrations to the body through the central nervous system. Each nerve ending will receive these high vibrational energies or pure light. This is a beginning in your ascending the density of your physical form into light, love and joy. A Christ is pure in thoughts, actions and deeds.

As the cells receive the impulses of divine thought through energy, it projects itself. Divinity is projected into every cell of your body. This creates a cell’s multiplication of itself.

Each organ then becomes an amplifying center for these Holy thoughts of truth and love. When each organ is vibrating and amplifying the truth, there is a great harmony in the body. You stand and have dominion over your life.

You have brought the Holy Spirit into creative action. The soul and the body become one force, one power and one God. Wholeness is experienced.  You stand as a supreme human, all powerful as Christ.

First, you must have the desire to become the supreme human. Then, have a great desire to move your will into action. The greater your desire the more powerful your will becomes, for desire is needed to add the spark of life to your will.

When there is great harmony between your will and desire, your will springs forth, and its command is brought forth immediately into life.

Your Brother in service, Jesus