Becoming One With the Source

Love all that you are as a human. Love all that you judge about yourself, until every atom of your being vibrates the Love of self. Then you become One with the Source, and you are the Source of all that is. You then can and will manifest a World of Love. Each must demonstrate her/his Love of Self to Ascend into the Sacred Unity of All that is … Oneness.

Love yourself enough to give yourself what you so desire; then you become the Source of your own good, you become the Source of your own destiny.  

The New Moon of COMPLETION

You are in a modern day Mystery School if you have chosen to ascend your consciousness and your cellular frequency.

You are on the Spiral of Ascension moving upward as your frequency quickens. I would like you to visualize a spiral, larger at the bottom and getting smaller as it makes it circular movement upward to the top. Each time you complete one of the circles you graduate to the next level and the next circle.

As you move through each cycle of the circle you will have many initiations.  Initiations are like test if you don’t pass you do it again and again.  This repetitive pattern is the ego consciousness of duality and it goes round and round repeating the same pattern over and over.  Coming to completion with the patterns of the ego mind of duality is crucial to your moving up your individual Spiral of Ascension.

This New Moon on December 2nd is a time to begin coming to completion. This New Moon is urging us and supporting us to complete.  The energies of the universe are nudging us to move in the direction of completion.  We need to end old outdated behaviors, attitudes and emotions so that we may move into the new year of 2014 free, clear, whole and complete.

2014 is going to be filled with the Crystal Clear Vibrations of the Christ. To fully be available to this energy and embrace the Truth of Love we need to be empty of the old ego patterns that keep us stuck in the past. There are two Gateways coming up in January to this most miraculous Crystal Clear Christ Vibration the first is 1-1-14 and the second is 1-11-14.

The frequencies of 2014 will be moving rapidly; for the earth is clearing; she is ascending.  Are you going to gracefully ascend with the earth?  Ask yourself the question; am I ready, and am I willing to complete the old patterns that keep me tied to my own personal wheel of Karma?

The universe is assisting use to come to completion and ascend. On January 1st and again on January 11th there will be a portal of Pure, Pristine Christ energy to lift us and purify us of the ego’s duality system.

Once the emotions are clear it is time to embrace the Truth that will set you free to live in the higher frequencies of 2014 in love and joy.

Due to this accelerated energy of the New Year and the completion of this year I am offering an Ascension Retreat in Santa Fe, NM.  Each participant will get a reading of what they need to complete in order to move with grace and ease to the next dimension of love and joy.  On News Years Day the wisdom of Love and Truth will be imprinted into each participant so that they will rapidly move up the Spiral of Ascension.

If you know deep within your heart and soul you are meant to be part of this movement of higher frequency come join us.

The Blessings of this retreat will be beyond measure.

For those that do not join us I was asked to offer you a private reading of what you need to complete and then the new energy that you personally need to ascend.  Special Price $75.00 regular price is $125.00.  I only have a limited time to complete these sessions before I leave for retreat. If you desire to know what you need to complete to move upward on the Spiral of Ascension make your appointment early. Go to or email me at to sign up for a private reading and imprinting.  You may also call 760- 218-7822.

I send you Blessings of Joy,

Virginia Ellen

Thanksgiving Prayer

You are now taking a step into a new spiral of consciousness. Close your eyes and go
within and acknowledge yourself for being willing to Love your fears. Acknowledge yourself
for being willing to live the life of Love.

Read this prayer then close your eyes and say it from the depths of your being, with emotion.

Acknowledgement of Self

I acknowledge myself for being willing to love my fears.
I thank myself for cooperating with the Law of Love and loving my ego with all of its fears.
I acknowledge myself for being on earth at this time and being devoted to Becoming the Living Christ.
I thank the Christ within me for loving me in each moment as I move into the Love that I am fully and completely.

You are the Master of your Life

Teachings from Jesus

You are the maker and master of your life. Thought is the weapons by which you destroy yourself. Thoughts are the tools in which you build your heavenly mansions of joy, love, peace and strength.

By abuse of thought you destroy yourself and descend below the level of the beast. Do not look to the body for pleasure, for then the body begins to fail.

Once you fully accept that the light, the power, the love, and the wisdom of God is within you; this will set you free forever.

As long as you see the reality of sin in the world and continue to punish yourself and others with your thoughts and deeds you will not live in Sacred Unity with the all that is.

Correct these inharmonious thoughts and replace them with the truth.

You are the Light of God

The Light of God is within you.