The Vibrations of God

It is time to express your God Self, to become and express the Christ within you. It is a time of great spiritual unfoldment for all.

To be a Christ your devotion to God must be all encompassing. You must live the life of truth, the life of devotion to God and not the material world. Then and only then are you the heir to your Father’s House.

When you live in devotion to God, you return your soul to its original purpose. Become one with the vibration of God, the vibration of oneness. As you worship and bless the God within you, he becomes real to you. What you worship you become.   

As you feel the vibration of God, he becomes real to you. For you must know that God is within you; what you experience and can accept as the truth, as real.

As you accept the truth by experiencing the oneness, then the truth will become knowledge and it will be imprinted into your consciousness; your cells; and your soul. It will vibrate this wisdom forever.

You will become the love of God; a Christ. The God within will become you, expressing freely through you. God will be alive within you, alive within every cell of your body.

In this way you are redeeming yourself. This God force within you will be your motivation for living.    

When you are living the God self through you, you wear dignity and glory becomes your victory. This victory leaves you free, in the state of love.

Prepare to receive the gift of God through the knowledge of your divine nature.


The solstice symbolizes birth and rebirth.  It is the darkest day of the year and the rebirth of light is on the horizon.  A rebirth is just waiting to come to life.

As we enter our own darkness and bring the light of understanding compassion and the love of Christ Consciousness to our inner darkness it begins to ascend. It moves every so rapidly into the light and becomes the light itself. In many ancient cultures the solstice has been a sign of a Christ Light being coming forth from the darkness bring with it hope, love and joy.

This is a time to expand out and begin to service the All That Is, The Godhead. As ego personalities we are small and think only of our person needs, wants and desires. Now we have the opportunity to open our hearts and return to our original purpose to service all of life.

Once you begin to think of serving and take action, your soul will become illuminated as it returns to its original purpose. Fulfillment will be an experience of pure joy. This is living the Christ Self… to love unconditionally with no need for yourself.

Love gives freely.

Love wants nothing in return. 

Becoming One With the Source

Love all that you are as a human. Love all that you judge about yourself, until every atom of your being vibrates the Love of self. Then you become One with the Source, and you are the Source of all that is. You then can and will manifest a World of Love. Each must demonstrate her/his Love of Self to Ascend into the Sacred Unity of All that is … Oneness.

Love yourself enough to give yourself what you so desire; then you become the Source of your own good, you become the Source of your own destiny.