Magical Times

This last week in October is a magical time to create, to complete projects, to clean out the old and begin anew. It is a time to take your focus off the outer world and bring your focus to your inner life. The life of God that dwells within filled with creativity, wisdom, love, joy and endless peace. Take time for yourself to take a walk in nature, rest, and take time to enjoy your spiritual practices.

This particular transit is about letting go of what no longer works in life and trusting the God within to bring you the abundant life that is your birthright. Great joy and inspiration is waiting for you as you enter the Inner Kingdom.

In this very moment everything is existing and yet we seem to be too busy, trying to make it all happen to let the abundant life flow to us with ease and grace. The Beloved Father is asking us to slow down and receive.

This Lunar Eclipse will bring matters to a head and bring clarity to confusion. It is a very emotional Full Moon and can blow things out of proportion and make emotions bigger than they need to be.

This time on earth and for all of humanity is to break down the old beliefs and limited feelings of fear and unworthiness. We are being asked to be courageous, brave and to move out of our comfort zones. It is time to trust the source of intelligence within us and to deeply connect with that source of love and knowledge. Sacred Heart Yoga is an easy way to develop your connection to your source, —-the God within.

We cannot move into the new energy of unconditional love if we hold on to false concepts and outdated feelings of helplessness, fear, anger and blame.  Our thoughts, feelings and actions affect the whole.  We manifest from the present moment. Watch your thoughts and emotions and surrender what is not true to the Indwelling God for purification— Then choose again the truth of love.


This evening I will be channeling the Father energy of Christ Consciousness to assist us in this most critical time in our ascension. All limited thoughts and feelings of fear are not real they belong to a past belief. It is time to move into the higher realms of Truth and Love.

These next 3 months are going to bring us great opportunity’s to Walk the Staircase to Heaven. Join me for this most amazing gift of the Fathers Wisdom and Truth. You will move with ease and grace into Christ Consciousness. Three Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm Mountain time, beginning tonight.   Go to

Shem is your personal brand of light, you might say. It is your

individual uniqueness as a light here in a human body. Your name holds

your vibration, essence, rhythm, energy and your atmosphere.

A Mystical Light Experience

Once again, close your eyes and become aware of your body, your

breath, and the energy you feel.

I pray in my Shem.

I pray in my Holy Shem.

I pray in my Blessed Shem.

I pray in my Holy Shem.

I love you, my Shem.

I honor you, my Shem.

I bow down to you, my Shem.

I worship you, my Shem.


Enjoy the energy of you. Don’t you feel beautiful? Don’t you feel

wonderful? Isn’t this the best feeling you’ve ever had? It’s your life

essence, it’s you.

Bringing heaven to earth, which we’ve talked about a lot, is actually to

feel the connection, to be the vibration of the light that you are. In

this moment you are in heaven, you are in the Shem of

your own being.

To connect to Jesus speak the same prayer changing a few words such as:


Jesus I pray in your Holly Shem

Jesus I pray in your Holly Shem


With this simple pray you will feel your connect to Jesus and his essence will become know to you. Once connect you may choice to ask him question.

A Diamond in the Heavens

This full moon on September 19th will produce a Diamond configuration of planets. The symbol of the Diamond represents money.  Venus is one of the planets that will play a major role in this configuration. The symbol of the heart signifies the sign of Venus.

It is a time to balance our finances and our love. We must begin to see what is most important to us, is it money or love. Which do we put first?

There is a misunderstanding in the third dimensional reality about money. Money and love are the same energy. The key to having money freely given is to Love Yourself.  A fifth dimensional heart is a heart of self love and a third dimensional heart is a heart of self abandonment and self betrayal. We have been trained to betray ourselves in order to have the money we think we need to survive or to have the material life style we think will make us feel safe, secure and happy.

It is now time to move our hearts into the fifth dimension and put ourselves first. It is time to choice to love ourselves and to follow our heart not our head with it old programming. As we move into self love, money is given freely, easily and effortless.

The Beloved Mother is teaching in the tele- class I am leading this month on how to love ourselves and how to break the pattern of self abandonment and self betrayal. It is very powerful and takes great courage to begin this most amazing journey into self love. I will share a few choices she has given us.

Teaching from the Beloved Mother

It takes great strength to love you. You must do what is right regardless of the outcome.

I choose to stand up for myself and allow others to be displeased with me. I choose to love myself when others are disappointed in me. I choose to love myself when others judge me. I choose to be true to the God that I am. I choose to be true to myself.

Free Full Moon Call, Thursday, September 19th at 6:30pm Mountain Time. Dial in number is 712-432-0075

We will focus on How to Embrace and Embody the truth of God, the truth of Love.