Healing the World – Jesus
You are more important than you think you are. You are God incarnate in physical form. It is
critical at this time for each one to ascend into the truth of their Divinity. When one individual resurrects their limited self image into the truth; Divine Love expresses through the human body, affecting thousands of others.

To become the Living God expressing through your human body, you must see your
perfection and feel the beauty of flowing through the individual. As you experience the
beauty and love of your Divinity expressing through your flesh, you then will move into
knowing you are Divine. You are then becoming the God Human that you where created to

When one person rises up to their unlimited God Self they
Heal the World.

The Land will return to love as the people return to love.
When the people become the Living Christ, the people and
the nation will be as God is; pure and perfect love. God is
established in them and within the Earth. The Holy
Presence of the Living God will be expressing through you.

The Birthing of a New World

This new moon is a time to dive deeply into the womb of love, the womb of mankind. Bring the pains of the past into the womb of love that lays in your Second Sacred Seal the seal of transformation and rebirth. As you bring the pains of the past into your womb of the Mother’s Unconditional Love she transforms them and energetically releases from within your womb a new frequency of truth and love.

Place your hands in a pyramid shape over your Second Sacred Seal. Hands lay flat on your Second Seal touching the thumbs and index finger. The Second Seal is below the navel and above the pubic bone. Once your hands are in this position speak to the Mother of Unconditional Love within and give her whatever fears, hurts or angers,  you are ready to let go of.

Prayer Examples

Beloved Mother I come home to you and bring you the false reality from my birth experience. I no longer need these fears I bring this experience home to you to be transformed into the Truth of Love. Sound a mystical sound. Thank you for recreating me in your womb of love.

You are now pregnant with new life the frequencies that the Mother in-planted into your cellular mass, and she has quickened your soul with this higher frequencies.  You will give birth to new life. You are being reborn into a new reality of love and life. March is a month of being impregnated with the Truth of Love so you may live it more fully and live in joy and peace.

I celebrate with you our new world of love and peace the Fifth Dimension of Golden Light on Earth.

Sacred Codes of Love

The Veil of Forgetfulness is made up of our limited thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts and feeling that say you are less than Divine, less than your Pure Essence.

Piercing the Veil of Forgetfulness

We pierce the Veil of Forgetfulness by using the Sacred Codes of Love as attunements. When using an attunement your cells begin to vibrate at a new higher frequency because the attunement is composed of a Sacred Codes of Love.

The Sacred Codes of Love penetrate in the cell mass, into the soul and can change the matter of your human body.  Each Sacred Code of Love is filled with infinite intelligence the intelligence of the Holy Spirit and Christ Mind. When using the Sacred Codes of Love you are using a scientific formula for healing the unconscious mind and resurrecting it to the energy and consciousness of the Christ Mind.

The Sacred Codes of Love are filled the Living Truth of unconditional Love and will set you free. The Living Truth of Unconditional Love will vibrate at a pure and high frequency bringing new life to every cell, every breath and every experience of life.

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Steps to Being Lifted into the Fifth Dimension and Beyond

Jesus of Nazareth through Virginia Ellen

Live for your Spirit and not to gratify your ego or your body. Don’t live for your body, but what governs your body; the Spirit within and around the body. Then the body will rejuvenate and become illuminated.

The body lives in the past and is years behind your thoughts of oneness, love and truth. Each of your cells has a soul. The soul is the recorder of your emotions and thoughts. As you bring forth more light into the body the cell activates the past emotions and it is released into the blue corona around your body.

All you must do as these memories and feelings begin to surface is simple accept them without judgment, anoint them with your love and speak the truth of your expanded understanding to them. When you reach the depths of your true self you will find the love of God, the power and grace of God. This will bring your body up to the now.

Acceptance begins the healing and ascension process. When you accept the past and understand that you are not the past and that the past is over and that you have free choice in the moment. Then you can move the body into the present moment of now.

Embrace the truth and become the vibration of the truth. This is accomplished by speaking the words of truth over and over as an attunement. Let this energy consume you. Become the energy of the spoken word. Become the living substance of all that God is.

By embracing the truth, the peace, the beauty and power of God you become illuminated by knowing of God and by feeling God embracing you. You become the living substance of God the electrical frequency of the Light of Truth, the Illuminated One.

It is indeed imperative to feel and embrace the truth, you are loved by God. You were made by God whole and complete. Your are a Holy being and always loved and always loveable

If there is any part of you that has felt rejected in the past, let that part of you speak these words now and the cells will begin to vibrate the frequency you are speaking. Feel and embrace that you are truly loved.


I accept that God made me and loves me.

God made me and loves me.

I am loved by God.

I am loved by God.

I accept that God made me loveable.

I accept that made me loveable.

I am loveable.

I am loveable.

God is the greatest love there is.

Sound a mystical tone

Your body will become the same vibration as the truth you are speaking. Your body will catch up with your Spirit.

Steps to Being Lifted the Ascension

To recognize or realize your own limitations from the past and accept them with loving kindness…. this will move you 10 fold. When you touch deep understand of self, deep love and deep compassion for the self you are healed.

To acknowledge the truth by speaking it will lift you 1000 fold.

To know the truth and live it will lift you 1 million fold.