The Second Coming
There are two million beings that are now incarnated who
agreed to assist in the Second Coming; I am calling upon you
now. You are encoded to Activate the Christ Light within
and become the Living Christ to heal yourselves and the
At this time, you are all needed to continue your
purification of self, for the world needs you. You are the
hope of mankind. You are the Second Coming of Christ and
when enough of you are holding and living the Christ Self, I
will come again and walk with you as your brother. You
must become and hold the Christ Vibration, and as you do,
you will heal yourselves and the world.
Sacred Heart Yoga is the science of the body. If you desire to
know of God and become as God is, then use it as a vehicle
to enter the state of bliss and oneness with your own
I have brought this forth to the western world to accelerate
your spiritual awakening. It is designed to ignite and birth
forth the Christ Light within you, your pure essence as God.
America is the Promised Land, freedom must return to this
land. Christ Beings shall reign upon this land and return it
to its purity. America is the I AM of the earth.
Sacred Heart Yoga is the movement of the Second Coming,
which is within you. Use it to activate the light within you
my beloved ones. Once activated, the light within will
transform your limitations and you will become a Living
Become a Christ

A New Vision for 2014

Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Greetings, Beloved of God

I have come to serve the light of your being, to serve the God of your being. I have come to bring the truth to you, to set your free so that you may live a bountiful life, so that you may know the beauty that is within you.

You have incarnated my Beloved Ones, to serve the light of your being, the God of your being. You have come to ascend into the purity of the Christ. You have come to ascend into the fifth dimension and beyond. In this pure consciousness which you call Christ Consciousness there is no duality, no illusions that keep you separate from living the love that you are.

 Your soul returns to its original purpose, and you enter into the Inner Chambers of the Holy Spirit. You then will inherit all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The gifts ofabundant life, eternal life, and vibrant health will be given to you. You will live in the State of Grace, and you will be a God Human, a realized God.

This is accomplished by serving the God of your being and living in devotion to the God within. In your service you dissolve the needs of the ego with all of is fear based thoughts, as well as your judgments. You then live in the purity of the Christ, with its honest, its truth and its perfection.

As you serve the God of your being your divine spirit in turn serves the Godhead, the all that is, the source. In the way of service you return to oneness, fulfilling your destiny, your purpose for living.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and clear your auric fieldof anyone who maybe standing within it, now send them to the light. Next let go of all that you are not, the past beliefs, the illusions, your doubts and fears.Let them fall from you, for they are the past, and they longer exist in this moment of now. As you let them fall from you, accept the truth of you.

Say, the life of God is within me. It is around me, now feel this Golden Light with your heart and around you. This Golden Light is supporting you and loving you, allow it to lift you as it cleanse your emotional body, as it lifts you into a holy states of consciousness. Feel the presence of God within your body, filling you with light. Invite the light of your spirit to fully fill your body, breathe in the Golden Light of Unconditional Love.

You are expanding and being lifted and being lifted as you become one with all that is. You are returning home to the God within. Rejoice in this union, in this wholeness as you accept the truth.

The Power of God is within me.

The Love of God is within me.

The Wisdom of God is within me.

All things that I need come from within me.

Feel this presence, this power, this love and its purity. In the presence of God, return again to your purpose serving the God of your being. You are coming home to the light of God within you, to the abundance within you, and to the wealth of the God within you. Let go of the need to grasp onto the material world, knowing that all things come from within.

As you acknowledge and accept that you are the power of God, that you are the love of God, the wisdom and the abundance of God. Acknowledge that you have eternal life, eternal youth, perfect health, peace, harmony and balance.

Nothing outside of you is important, for all things come from within, as you embracethis truth all things are delivered to you. Your consciousness brings to you all that are needed and desired.

When you serve the God within in its fullness all things come to you. It is your right as God to be filled with abundance in all ways, to live a bountiful,fruitful and prosperous life.

These are the gifts of the Holy Chamber of the Holy Spirit…your Sacred Seals. There is no need here. There are no wants here for all things are provided for you bountifully, joyfully and abundantly. So let go of the need to grasp on to material things, knowing that all things are brought to you for the God within.

Do not honor and worship the dollar, but worship the God within, and it shall bring you the abundance to live a fruitful and prosperous life.

This is the lesson of 2014 that many are in the process of learning. It is time to change your focus, your attitudes. This is the lesson – stop lusting after the material world. When you lust, you feel a lack, your feel deprived; you feel a need, a place that is empty within you. You embrace the thoughts that you cannot have what you want.

Take you focus off the outside world, and focus on that which is within you. Focus and devote yourself to the God within, the Lord of Your Being, allowing this perfect essence to fully express through you. It will express through you as abundance, joy, peace, strength, power wisdom and love. For this is the truth of you. 

Focus on the center of your being, feeling the beauty of you, the presence of the light of God as it flows through your body, opening your body and mind to receive the blessings of abundant life. Be in this holy place in consciousness rejoicing in your perfection. Live in the state of this grace.  

Take these moments to feel the beauty of you, focusing on that which is within you. Blessingthe presence of the God within, feeling the energy of the God within as it loves you unconditionally. Completely bask and bathe in this Golden Light as it holds you in the arms of love.

In this holy place of your Sacred Seals you are returning home, feeling the truth of you and embracing the God you are.

Walk in peace, in strength, in truth and love, for you are the light of the world, you are the hope of mankind. You are returning home to your holiness. Glory to the God of your being. Glory to the love of your being. Jesus







Full Moon March 16th

This full moon is encouraging us to live our lives in service to the divine. To be a Christ and live Christ Consciousness which will heal each one of us and the world; we must begin the journey of serving the Divine Source of Light and Intelligence that created us and is within us. 

In the past humanity has served the ego, its human needs for pleasure, safety, and security (the material world). We have been looking outside of ourselves for love, expecting others to give us what we can give ourselves. We thought that money would create safety and security.

In service to our Divine Love and Intelligence we will always be guided.  We will be given the Truth of Christ Consciousness and higher guidance. As we choose to make our intentions in alignment to our service to the Divine within we begin the path of living the Truth which changes the direction our lives. This is when miracles happen.

This full moon is then a time for miracles to magically appear in our lives. I recommend you take the time each morning and do a few minutes of deep relaxing breathing, followed by three or four aums. Then speak these words, Beloved God of my Being, How may I Serve you this day. The message may be given to you in several ways, you may hear a voice, or a vibration will be send to your brain and your brain will translate the frequency into thoughts. Another way is you may have a sense of know that you feel in your heart, some of you will see an image in your inner vision. Please do not doubt the information that comes.

Once you receive the message of how you can serve stand with you feet planted, your hands at your sides and speak from your heart, your service. If you embody the words with emotions you will become the Truth, Light and Way.

The Truth means correct choice and will change the direction of your life.

The Light means energy, your life and correct choice will be filled with divine energy, and be illuminated by the light within.

The Way means path, you are creating a divine path to walk on which is illuminated by the light.

The wisdom above is the beginning of the Sacred Heart Yoga practice that Jesus gave me to begin the Activate the Christ Light within the Sacred Seals. It is very powerful and it will indeed move your forward in the direction of fulfilling your Divine Purpose for incarnating.

May you walk on an illuminated path,

Virginia Ellen


Healing the World – Jesus
You are more important than you think you are. You are God incarnate in physical form. It is
critical at this time for each one to ascend into the truth of their Divinity. When one individual resurrects their limited self image into the truth; Divine Love expresses through the human body, affecting thousands of others.

To become the Living God expressing through your human body, you must see your
perfection and feel the beauty of flowing through the individual. As you experience the
beauty and love of your Divinity expressing through your flesh, you then will move into
knowing you are Divine. You are then becoming the God Human that you where created to

When one person rises up to their unlimited God Self they
Heal the World.

The Land will return to love as the people return to love.
When the people become the Living Christ, the people and
the nation will be as God is; pure and perfect love. God is
established in them and within the Earth. The Holy
Presence of the Living God will be expressing through you.