Mary Magdalena -Your Beauty

You are as lovely as I am. You just don’t realize your beauty and your individual worth.

You are always looking outside and comparing yourselves to others.

There is nothing more beautiful than you are.

Accept your individuality as God and be satisfied with yourselves. Accept your beauty and worth.

You treat yourself as you self talk to yourself. Then others will treat you as you treat yourself.

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This is a new thought that I desire for you to be conscious of each day. Each day speak this truth:

I am Beloved of God

I am God’s Beloved

I am God’s Beloved Life

I am God’s Beloved Wisdom

I am God’s Beloved Love

This will raise your frequency greatly to claim the truth of your being. Your Brother in Service Jesus

2015 Message Jan. 27th tele call at 6:30pm mountain time

You are God’s Greatest Creation

We as human are God’s greatest creation. We have free will and free choice to be used in each moment of our lives. We can co-create with God all that our hearts long to express and experience.

Our human body is the only living creation that can vibrate at the same frequency as the light of the Divine, and therefore we can accomplish all things. We have the ability to transform our own unlimited beliefs. We have the power within our Sacred Seals, which are the Kingdom of Heaven, to transform sadness to joy, hate to love and anger to peace.

We have the power in our Sacred Seals to vibrate at the same frequency as God. Our Sacred Seals can generate this Light to the world and express God in the world, as we become the Living Light of God.

This is true mastership of our thoughts, feelings and bodies.

Using this message for our personal ascension: first, read it a few times and see what thoughts seem important to you, such as I am God’s Greatest Creation and I can create all that my heart longs to express and experience.

Jesus taught me to reflect on the message of truth by reading it over and over; then closing my eyes and being with the vibration of the words of this truth. As you feel the vibration of these words in the very cells of your body, the divine intelligence of the Queendom will bring you new ideas, a new vision of how to proceed with creating what your heart longs to express and experience.

The Queendom is located in your heart and she is your inspiration. These inspiring thoughts and new ideas may come in the moment of your contemplation or in any given moment of time as you move through your day to day life. You are working with the inner alchemy of the Queendom and Kingdom with you.

In Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, he referred to the Queendom often and it means: bring me inspiration, new ideas and a new way. The Divine Feminine in us plays a significant role in creating the new world. She knows the way to peace, the way to unconditional love. Let your heart open and bring you the way then follow your heart always.

Other thoughts of power from the message: I can transform my sadness to joy . I have the power within my Sacred Seals to recreate my mental and emotional self. I have the power within to bring healing to my past, untying me and setting me free.

Again read this over and over and it will ignite the power within your Sacred Seals to begin this process. It is the alchemy of the Love of the Mother that lies within your Second Sacred Seal.

We must truly embody these empowering thoughts of truth so that we can become the Living Christ. It is done unto as you believe- Jesus. It is time to correct our thoughts of weakness, helplessness and separation and to join in oneness with the power that lies within us. This power is waiting for us and we are never alone or helpless. The power is truth, Love and the Light of our Love.

We have entered a time of miracles and life is the biggest miracle of all. It is a time to awaken our consciousness to the miracle of life. This great miracle of life is in you and you are the miracle of life. In the language of Aramaic life haye means energy. Haye is our life force energy. It is life itself in the human body. Haye is also the cosmic or universal energy from which all is created. Life is within us and all around us; we are one with life itself. Become a miracle maker, a creator of miracles. There is a Sacred Code that unlocks the doorway to becoming a miracle maker, or a creator of miracles.
Every feeling and every thought we hold consciously and unconsciously develops our energy. We vibrate at the frequency of our feelings and consciousness. To change our vibration we must embrace the new thought until we feel it vibrating in the cells. Embracing is feeling. When we embrace a thought we are creating atoms. Jesus says “Become the vibration of God by embracing the word until every atom of your being vibrates the energy of the word. When you hold the truth in your consciousness, you become the living word of God. You then learn that Spirit is the fulfillment of the need.” As you practice Sacred Heart Yoga new high frequencies will begin to be created within you. This is creating new atoms which will lead to a new life or being reborn. Yes, you will be reborn over and over again through the Sacred Heart Yoga Practice of creating new atoms and Atomic Energy.

The Sacred Code for Miracles
The Sacred Code for Miracles is Gratitude! To create a rapid change in the cell vibration we will be using the frequency of life itself. The Aramaic form of prayer or as Jesus say the “Science of Prayer” will create and generate new energy or life in your cells. The Science is to embrace, feel as deeply as possible. First you may notice that sadness is welling up inside of you. Let the tears fall. This high frequency is doing its job by creating space with you for a purer, clearer more vibrant energy. You are creating new atoms that will manifest a new life experience. You are being reborn into a higher, clearer and purer vibration. As you go deeper into the self and more parts of the consciousness join in the prayer you will create Atomic Energy which is creation.
Read the prayer over and over. Go deeper and deeper into the self, feeling whatever is there. Close your eyes and say the prayer again and again until you have washed away the old and begun to be reborn into your new vibration of life. Atomic Energy will be creating and generating new life within you.

Prayer of Gratitude and Life
Thank you for life.
Thank you for my life.
Thank you for my existence.
Thank you for creating me.
Thank you for giving birth to me.
Thank you for this opportunity to live and contribute to the whole of life.
Thank you, thank you, I love you.
I celebrate life with you and the birth of joy, peace and abundance for all.