This month will be filled with cleansing celestial energy to assist us in our journey into the Heavenly Realms of Light. To work with this Celestial Cleanse, surrender your fears, doubt and limited thoughts to the Light. Surrender works rapidly and more deeply when we tap into the emotions of our fears and let the voice of fear, doubt or frustration speak by give them a voice. When we let the voice of our fears surrender, we will know we are coming to completion with the old, and truly making room for the new.

Spring is coming rapidly now and it is a time for new life to be born within us. It is important now for each one who chooses to deeply surrender and make room for a New World. As we each let the voice of our fears surrender, we are affecting the world at large. We are all afraid of the same things, such as not having enough, not being good enough, fear of authority, fear of the unknown and the list goes on and on.

Life will be anything but dull this month. As we let our fears surrender to the Light they will be transmuted into new atoms of higher order. There will then be new connections, meeting new friends of like frequency and the joy of being more connected to the Light we are.

We are asked to live in accordance with our highest expectations, putting forth our divine ideals into action. We are God Human creating a New World of Love, Peace and Abundance for all. In Joyful Union,Virginia Ellen



How to Enter the Heavenly Realms

The Heavenly Realms of Love is what we call the higher dimensions of light and wisdom. The Fourth Heaven is reached by deeply loving and devoting our time, mind, emotions and focus on the Indwelling God. Sacred Heart Yoga will accomplish taking us into the the Fourth Heaven or dimension which is a place of healing and a change of our fundamental beliefs. This shift occurs in our thoughts and in the emotions from the past held in the Heart.

The Fifth Heaven is a place of complete Self-Love. No more self judgment or unworthiness exist in the Fifth Heaven of Self-Love. We return to Wholeness which is our Holiness.

The Sacred Heart is the Doorway to Higher Intelligence. It opens the door to the Richness of Unlimited Knowledge and becomes the Wealth of Wisdom. We then possess a Heart of Infinite Wealth filled with the Richness of Life itself.

We enter Heaven through our Hearts. On December 6th I sent you all a message that this was a day of Ascension. I was guided to stay within myself that day and began my Sacred Heart Yoga practice which lead me into a most amazing light experience. My whole body became Illuminated by the Light of the Universe. I felt like I was suspended in a higher dimension, yet I was still aware that I had a body. The Light Lifted me up and I remained in this state for 5 hours. I saw pure white light and was no longer just in my body, my awareness had elevated me into an expanded Realm of Light.

Then suddenly a portal in my Heart Opened and I went out of my Heart into another shining Light experience. As I entered this most warm and welcoming Light it spoke to me announcing that the voice was the voice of Heaven. It began to speak of the consciousness that existed in Heaven. The words where filled with such love and energy that I began to cry and a very deep healing from my past relationship with my mother occurred. This healing was instantaneous and purified my heart of this old wound that I did not know even existed.

This Tuesday evening I will be bringing to you the voice of Heaven. If you have abandonment issues, fears of rejection, feel unloved, feel separate or lonely this channeling will bring you a deep healing. The pains of the past will be filled with the Light of Heaven and healing occurs. We will begin at 6:30pm Mountain Time, there will be a mp3 file for you to replay if you so desire. The energy exchange is only $25.00

Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is a day we have created to experience romantic love, to celebrate, appreciate and acknowledge the love we have in our lives.

Now, that we have moved into the year 2015 and are moving into the frequencies of Divine Love Valentine’s Day has a whole new meaning. We are learning how to love ourselves. The Art of Self Love is new to our planet.

This year Valentine’s Day is a day of letting go of past disappointments in love which will making room for true love to be every present in all of our lives.

This year from Feb. 14th to the 16th is a time to create promises and if our promises are made in love they will be kept.

Make promises to you and to the Indwelling God. Making promises to love yourselves in new ways and to bring the truth of your love to your work, relationships and health.

Loving yourself is to let you have what you truly desire.

This year Valentine is a most optimistic, expansive, and a happy day to make an agreement or a promise in the energy and emotions of love.

I Love You,

Happy Valentine’s Day

Virginia Ellen

Mary Magdalena -Your Beauty

You are as lovely as I am. You just don’t realize your beauty and your individual worth.

You are always looking outside and comparing yourselves to others.

There is nothing more beautiful than you are.

Accept your individuality as God and be satisfied with yourselves. Accept your beauty and worth.

You treat yourself as you self talk to yourself. Then others will treat you as you treat yourself.

This is the last week for the special price with Mary Magdalena. $95.00 for a recorded session. Regular price $150.00 Expires on 2/2