Sacred Heart Yoga DVD by Virginia Ellen


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Sacred Heart Yoga DVD


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Greetings Beloved, this day we will speak to you of who you are. You are not your human behavior; you are nothing you have ever done. You are nothing that you have not done. You are not your body or your limited thoughts of self and life. You are not a success or a failure. You are not old or young, nor are you rich or poor.
You are The I AM. The I is the individual essence of the one energy, the one consciousness that is beyond this realm you live in. There are no words to describe your pure essence. It is so pure that there are no words.
You are the pure essence of the Great I Am. You are beyond the material realm of consciousness. You are absolutely incredibly perfect as you are; there are no flaws in you.
You only think there is something wrong with you and others may also think that you are flawed. None of this is real or true. These are thoughts of separation from the limited mind of the ego.
You dream up things about yourself. As you feel the thoughts, you think ,you are embracing my Beloved Ones. Feeling is the science of embracing. Once you feel a thought, it then is lowered into the body and becomes part of the mind of the body. You emanate what you feel as a frequency to the world, and these feelings are returned to you as an experience. This is what you now call the law of attraction.
It is time now to resurrect these limited thoughts and the feelings attached to the thoughts to the truth of who you are.

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Understanding: is the bread of life, it feeds us the truth so that we may let go of out dated ideas and concepts. Understanding liberates us and frees us from the ego mind. It opens our minds and hearts to love. The mind of the Christ would ask: Give me the understanding I need to service. Give me the understanding to speak words of love and truth so all may be lifted, resurrected and healed. Ameyn


Essential Steps to Ascension
Virginia Ellen the Radiant One

1. Accept the Truth so that it may set you Free
By accepting the Truth, you change the direction of your life. You leave the past and enter the Eternal Moment of Now. When you continue to live in denial, you recreate the pains of the past. When you accept the Truth, you dissolve the past and a new life begins. You actually take yourself off the wheel of karma, and you are then Free to create a new experience of living.

2. Claim the Truth
When you stand and claim the Truth, you put forth the energy of the Truth into motion, Energy in Motion. Stand and speak out loud, claiming the Truth until every atom of your being vibrates with the Truth.

3. Living the Truth
This demonstrates God in action. You have become God. God is expressing and living through you. Your actions are the most important part of your spiritual development. They build and develop your Radiant Body.
It’s time, if you are ready, to clean up the motivation behind all action taken. There is a belief and emotion behind all behavior, behind all actions taken. Once the emotion returns to love by accepting the Truth, you begin to ascend that particular piece of the unconscious mind or as Jesus says, your napsa or soul self.