Jesus …Live For The Light Within

Live for your Light and not to gratify your ego or your body. Do not live for your body, but what governs your body–the Light within and around your body. Then the body will rejuvenate and be illuminated by the Light.

You body is years behind the truth you are learning now. As you bring forth more Light into the body, the cells activate the past thoughts and emotions to return them to the Light of Truth (Ascension). Do not push down the ascending memories; allow them to arise and ascend. By allowing and accepting these old patterns of thought and emotion, you bring your body up to the present moment.

I want you to know you manifest emotionally what you judge and think of others. Be kind, understanding and compassionate with each other, and you will manifest a world of Love.

April 4th Eclipse may bring with it unexpected surprises. Be conscious in your relationships as well as your thoughts on money. Before speaking be present and only speak words of truth and love in all relationships to avoid misunderstands. Money comes from the Universal Light freely, as we live our love freely with no need for anything to be given to us in return.


Beloved God of my Being the truth is, you are in all humanity. I ask you to speak words of Love and Truth through me to serve in uplifting all those I encounter today and everyday. Thank you, my Beloved God, my Beloved Light. I get out of the way and allow you to live through me sharing the blessings of Love with the world.

Embrace the truth:

There is enough money for me. There is more than enough for me. Life is filled with abundance and money comes to me easily and joyfully. I love my Life, it is filled with enough money for me to enjoy myself and contribute to others and the world. Ameyn

“From the Ground that I stand upon and the words that I speak so shall they come to pass…Jesus”

By Our Choices We Live Our Lives

Choice brings forth the creative flow of energy from within the First Sacred Seal.

When we make life Sustaining Choices, we are filled with Life Energy and the creative flow of energy is then released from within us.

For example, when we live in the state of understanding and forgiveness, we live in the On-going-ness of Life. (Eternal Life) There are no barriers or blockages within us to create feelings of limitation or lack in anyway. We are then connected to the source of Life in all things; we are living in Oneness. In Aramaic, the word Allaha is the word Jesus spoke that we call God. It means Sacred Unity, Oneness, the All That Is, the Universal Light.

Making Life-Sustaining Choices

I choose to accept that I am one with all that I need in every moment.

I choose to open to the Heavenly Realms of Light right now.

I choose to accept the Blessings of Abundant Life here and now.

I choose to accept that I am Good Enough to receive the many blessings of Life.

Sound a Mystical Tone as you are filled with the energy of your words. This will send the vibration of your words though your cell mass and into your energy field and then into the universe. You are a Light and Sound frequency that was lowered into human form from the Great Central Sun or God Head.

Blessings to the Light of your Being, Virginia Ellen

This month will be filled with cleansing celestial energy to assist us in our journey into the Heavenly Realms of Light. To work with this Celestial Cleanse, surrender your fears, doubt and limited thoughts to the Light. Surrender works rapidly and more deeply when we tap into the emotions of our fears and let the voice of fear, doubt or frustration speak by give them a voice. When we let the voice of our fears surrender, we will know we are coming to completion with the old, and truly making room for the new.

Spring is coming rapidly now and it is a time for new life to be born within us. It is important now for each one who chooses to deeply surrender and make room for a New World. As we each let the voice of our fears surrender, we are affecting the world at large. We are all afraid of the same things, such as not having enough, not being good enough, fear of authority, fear of the unknown and the list goes on and on.

Life will be anything but dull this month. As we let our fears surrender to the Light they will be transmuted into new atoms of higher order. There will then be new connections, meeting new friends of like frequency and the joy of being more connected to the Light we are.

We are asked to live in accordance with our highest expectations, putting forth our divine ideals into action. We are God Human creating a New World of Love, Peace and Abundance for all. In Joyful Union,Virginia Ellen