Beyond Fear is Love

Beloved Mother through Virginia Ellen

I come to speak through you sweet child, to all the children of the world, to let you know of my love and compassion for you. I am the Mother Energy, the Mother of Creation and I am within you and all beings.

Let me love you. Close your eyes and let me love you. Let my energy cradle you, bringing you comfort and to a place of safety. I am the energy that is streaming, flowing and gently caressing your planet. This tender and pure love has not been known to you. You have lived in energy unlike the feminine energy of Divine Unconditional Love.

As a mass of consciousness, you have been destroying the creation of life, the life in your bodies and the earth. It is time for a new way of living on earth and a new quality of life. Fear has created a death hormone within humanity, let this old energy be transformed into life energy through the Activation of your Sacred Seals. You are as afraid of the Divine Unconditional Love as you are of your fears. Look inside and find what you are most afraid of, define it as precisely as possible. Then, beloved ones, accept that I am afraid of _______________List your fears.

In this way you can easily see yourself in a limited energy that is pervasive in your being and upon your planet. A new doorway has opened and my Divine Love is available to each of you. My question to you is, are you willing to open the doorway on your side to receive this energy? Ask your fear if it is willing to open the doorway into the Christ Light, into change and into love? Ask, why are you afraid to walk through the doorway to the higher dimensions of love, joy and eternal youth and life?

Many of you are frightened to walk through this doorway to Divine love and infinite possibilities. There are among you thoughts that say; what if this love is not real? What if this also fails? Many are frightened of disappointment. You have been holding on to hope, a thread of hope that keeps you alive. If you trust this opening and it fails you, you think you will die. Many are frightened to trust their dreams. There are fears that say you are not good enough so you will fail. This causes you to stay stuck in limited realities. Some of you allow it to get a bit easier, to begin to receive, and then you run back to the safety of your fears, the safety of your limited problems and life. Do you see this?

I will give you some suggestions. Now that you see the pattern that humanity is experiencing, we can proceed. Feel my love, feel my tenderness, the strength and steadiness of this love. Come through the doorway for just a short moment. Come each day; come without preconceived ideas of how it will be. Come empty, come in your innocence as a child experiences it first raindrop, its first snowflake. In order to do this, you must let go of the pain and the fear. Just for a moment, let go by saying aloud:

I let go, I am willing Beloved Mother to be loved in this moment. Beloved Mother I am willing to be accepted. Beloved Mother I am willing to be honored. Beloved Mother I am willing to be appreciated and seen for who I truly am. I am willing to take a chance and trust for one moment. I am willing to trust in this moment and open myself to be loved.

It is safe to be loved. Develop a trust of this love each day as many times as you can remember. Open yourself and let me in to love you and serve you. Once you have received, open you heart and send love through the opening to the Mother Father energies. Send love to your planet and all dimensions. Send love to your problems and your fears. Send love to your relationships and bodies. Particularly, send love to the parts of your body that are ill. Send love to parts of your patterning that you judge, your behaviors.

When you begin to love your own problems the solutions shall come and your problems will dissolve. Send love to your judgments and the behaviors your dislike. This will open you more fully to receive. As long as you judge yourself or the circumstance of your life you will be stuck. Judgment keeps your separate from love, from joy and radiant health. Let me in to care for you and support you in your transformation and ascension. Open the Gateway to support from inside you and I will be there to envelop you in my Divine Unconditional Love. The Mother of Creation

Jesus Teaches The Truth of Your Choice

When you do not learn from Wisdom, you learn through pain and suffering.

On your plane, thought is not wholly spiritual. Your mind operates on two planes of mental activity, the lower of the body and the higher of the spirit. You sway between these two worlds of thought. You Must Choose which one you will serve.

The mind of the body holds within it the past and becomes the seat of all animal appetites and possessions (ego mind). When you Choose to use the mind to enter the Light, it holds divine thoughts, which bring you great joy, peace, eternal youth, wisdom and the Power of Truth.

When your mind enters oneness with your Light, you no longer use only the body’s sense. You will see clearly the purpose for all things. Divine intelligence brings you messages of Truth and Love.

You move into higher realms of Heavenly consciousness, you dwell in tranquility and you live in perpetual beauty. The beauty and purity of your inner world of Light becomes the All, and the outer becomes as the inner. This, my Beloved Ones is how you Live as a Christ and how you will heal the world.

You will live in the world of cause, not in the world of effect.

Jesus …Live For The Light Within

Live for your Light and not to gratify your ego or your body. Do not live for your body, but what governs your body–the Light within and around your body. Then the body will rejuvenate and be illuminated by the Light.

You body is years behind the truth you are learning now. As you bring forth more Light into the body, the cells activate the past thoughts and emotions to return them to the Light of Truth (Ascension). Do not push down the ascending memories; allow them to arise and ascend. By allowing and accepting these old patterns of thought and emotion, you bring your body up to the present moment.

I want you to know you manifest emotionally what you judge and think of others. Be kind, understanding and compassionate with each other, and you will manifest a world of Love.

April 4th Eclipse may bring with it unexpected surprises. Be conscious in your relationships as well as your thoughts on money. Before speaking be present and only speak words of truth and love in all relationships to avoid misunderstands. Money comes from the Universal Light freely, as we live our love freely with no need for anything to be given to us in return.


Beloved God of my Being the truth is, you are in all humanity. I ask you to speak words of Love and Truth through me to serve in uplifting all those I encounter today and everyday. Thank you, my Beloved God, my Beloved Light. I get out of the way and allow you to live through me sharing the blessings of Love with the world.

Embrace the truth:

There is enough money for me. There is more than enough for me. Life is filled with abundance and money comes to me easily and joyfully. I love my Life, it is filled with enough money for me to enjoy myself and contribute to others and the world. Ameyn

“From the Ground that I stand upon and the words that I speak so shall they come to pass…Jesus”