Sacred Heart Yoga DVD by Virginia Ellen


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Sacred Heart Yoga DVD


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A New Vision for Prosperity
Reflections from Jesus through Virginia Ellen

A New Vision for Prosperity through Virginia Ellen

Revolutionary Wisdom from Jesus
With this way of living you will find Union and Oneness with the Infinite Wealth of the Universe. This wisdom will lead you into the Christ Mind, the mind of love and all knowing.

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Activation of the 17 Sensors-CD by Virginia Ellen

Activation of the 17 Sensors
The Divine Feminine through
Virginia Ellen

I am so honored to bring this ancient and forgotten wisdom to you. We are entitled to this lost wisdom and it is our birthright to become Living Gods.

The Divine Mother’s and the feminine sensors’ function is to return this body to its original state of perfection and Godhood. We will become Super Human Beings.

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Activation of Your Life Force Energy:  A Journey into Oneness

with Virginia EllenActivation of Your  Life Force Energy  A Journey Into Oneness  with Virginia Ellen

You will vibrate and pulsate Life Force Energy through you. You will have the opportunity to Live your Life in Love. The Divine Mother Energy speaks through Virginia Ellen leading you to the Activation of your Life Force Energy.

Track 1 Ignites the Eternal Flame of Life within your First Sacred Seal. Expands the Strands of the DNA. Develops your central nervous system and your brain for full enlightenment.

Track 2 Wisdom on how to live in freedom and joy. Keys to manifesting from the First Sacred Seal. Ancient Forgotten Wisdom on how to develop and live in your power.

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