Receiving the Way to Mastery
The workbook Reflections from Jesus on Healing the World is filled with Jesus’ wisdom on receiving as a way to mastery. The wisdom of receiving is the Way to Mastery. In order to receive you must evolve into higher states of truth and love. Below are a few of the Attunement from Jesus and the Healing the World workbook.

It is time to know that you can have everything you need and desire. It is time to know that you can do whatever you want because you want to. – Jesus

Having Everything
I accept from the fullness of my being.
From the God that I am that I can have everything I want and need.
I accept from the fullness of my being.
From the God that I am that I can do whatever I need to do..
The God that I am gives me all things.
The God that I am protects me, provides for me, and loves me at all times. Ameyn

Understand that what stops you is a belief, a thought, a fear, that says you can’t, that you are not enough. You feel deep in your soul that many things are impossible for you.

When you have an idea or desire that you choose to experience and live, put it forth into the universe – ask for what you need to fulfill your idea. You do not stop, by saying “What if it does not happen?” When you have a doubt move through it and trust that it is going to be so for you.
There is no room for doubt. Keep focused on the outcome of your desire by speaking to the Beloved Indwelling God. Let this be your mantra.

Being Focused
Thank you Almighty Indwelling God for, (name your gift)
I bless my (name your gift)
I accept that I deserve to be given all that I ask for.
I am worthy to be given (name your gift)

You say this every time you have a doubt that tells you why you can’t do this or that. You can and will master your doubts in this way. This is the Law of Faith made manifest. – Jesus

Virginia will be utilizing The Medicine of Love which is a reprogramming of the mind, of the body and its unconscious thoughts. It will bring harmony to your entire being, untying you and untangling you from past feelings and thoughts that have kept you bound to old behaviors and attitudes. Virginia imprints a new consciousness and energy into the body and your frequency quickens. You are free from the past and ready to attract what you truly desire.

Virginia reads beliefs and emotions in the unconscious mind and body that hinder success, and then she helps her clients dismantle these feelings and beliefs. She speaks the Living Word of God that transmits a sacred code of love to her clients. This transmission from Virginia will cause your cells to vibrate at an accelerated speed. You will leave the past behind and effortlessly move into a new reality.
In divine depth each word spoken awakens and transforms the mind, heart, body and soul. She administers highly successful scientific formulas that imprint a new belief system with new energy and emotions into the very cells of the body. This leaves the individual with a whole new life to experience, filled with potential and opportunities to have more, be more and do more.

Did you know that 90% of your daily thoughts come from the unconscious mind? This means that you may be thinking positive thoughts, affirming what you want even visualizing what you need and want to attract into your life. Simultaneously, the unconscious mind has a whole different set of thoughts and feelings.  I call this the Human Code.  It is your code and you need to know what is inside that code and how to break the code.

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