Your Heart is the Best Part of You ~ Jesus ~

Jesus says, “Your Heart is the best part of you.” You may be asking, “Why is my heart is the best part of me?”

First: It is the center of your Inner Universe. Your Heart is the place of Union within you – Union between the emotions and thoughts, your Divine Female and Divine Male. This Union is developed within your Heart.

As you clear your Heart center, you Become the Divine Female as well as the Divine Male, and they live through you. At this point you have created the symbol of Infinity to move between the two polarities of positive and negative or male, female. Infinity in the Heart is the union of your love, kindness, understanding, compassion and strength, honesty and the courage to live the Love that you are.

Second: As your Heart clears deeply and fully, the words you speak come from the Divine Feminine, and you become the Living Love of the Mother. Then your words spoken will have the power to transform atoms, and you will heal others with the words of Love spoken – as Jesus did. The Divine Male will speak with power and certainty through you, no longer afraid to speak the Truth of Love. You will become the Divine Male Living on Earth.

Third: You will become a Fifth Dimensional being and manifest a world of Love for yourself and others. You will be a Christ living on earth – this is how the Second Coming is created. It is up to us.

There is more wisdom to share with you on the Heart, and each week I will bring more to you so you can begin to understand the value and importance of clearing your Heart, and the true purpose of the Fifth Dimensional Heart.

Become the Divine Female, the Love of the Mother; become the Divine Male, your strength and your courage – it is the greatest thing you will ever do in this lifetime, for you are needed to heal the world. Do not let the circumstances of your life stand in your way – you are more than the circumstances of your life, and you must become the more that you are.


Ascension Retreat:

Living the Fifth Dimensional Heart

Missoula MT: Friday March 15th – Sunday March 17th

You will have a living opportunity to experience the expansion of Unconditional Love that dwells within your Sacred Heart. Virginia Ellen will lead you from the third dimensional heart of self-abandonment, into experiencing the Fifth Dimensional Heart of Self-Love. Your life will begin to rotate around the Celestial Body of Love, and you will become truly One with the Divine.

  • You will no longer betray yourself or give yourself away
  • You will hold yourself as Holy and Sacred Life, and be entitled to all things
  • When you truly love yourself, you will love God; you will be complete – you will know your Oneness with all things

Friday March 15th – Sunday March 17th from 9:30-5:30

Energy Exchange: $298 if pre-paid by March 1st

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