The New Moon is upon us and assisting us to come into alignment with Self Mastery. This new moon on Feb. 11, is calling us to live in Integrity. It is urging us to keep our word. Giving your word and keeping it was the foundation for Jesus’ teachings. For all of the teachings that Jesus has given me, we speak the words out loud, and all of the teachings are based on the word. We are the living word of God manifested. As we return to giving our word and meaning it, we begin to enter a new Spiral of Consciousness.  Feeling the words you speak and bringing Spirit into the word and creates each word to come to life – and suddenly your words are the Living Words of God and they manifest. This is a key to your Becoming the Living Light of God.

Aramaic is the language Jesus spoke and the word Ameyn means word in his language. He used Ameyn in two ways: one at the beginning of a sentence, and we translated that into “I say unto you.” Let us become the Living Word of God as he has taught us we could be. Stand and close your eyes, and begin to feel what you truly desire to experience (see below).


Stand and close your eyes, and begin to feel what you truly desire to experience. Once you have the image and feeling of your desire, speak out loud, feeling each word that you speak:

“I Say Unto You I _______________________(fill in the blank)”

This new moon is supporting our intentions to live in the expanded consciousness of the Golden Light of Love of Self.   As you make the commitment to ascend into the new consciousness and the Golden Light of Love, the whole Isness will support you. “God helps those that help themselves” is the way that we interpreted this wisdom.  To make this a living reality, make a commitment to your own Ascension into the Golden Light of Self Love.


Stand and close your eyes, using the word “Ameyn” spoken out loud, and repeat over and over the statements below until you feel the energy from your First Sacred Seal rising up within you.  The function of the Christ is to rise up – it rises from the First Sacred Seal to the Crown, and it rises up to the entire universe and you are One and you are supported:

“I am committed to living in the Golden Light of Unconditional Love.

I am committed to Ascending into the unknown state of Self-Love.

I am committed to Becoming the Living Light of God.  Ameyn”

The second use of “Ameyn” is at the end of a sentence.  When using it at the end of a sentence, you are saying “from the ground that I stand upon and from the words that I speak so shall they come to pass.”

Speak your word and let the whole universe support you – it is now time for all of us to make the choice to let the third dimensional reality go, and move into the unknown state of the Golden Light of Unconditional Love. This may mean great change in your world. Letting go of your attachments is part of the Cycle of Ascension.

Becoming the Living Light is the most amazing thing I have every experienced and I am so grateful to share this walk in love with you  ~ Virginia Ellen




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