I love you all greatly and am so happy to bring you the most amazing journey into the Fifth Dimensional Heart. This morning I awoke and as I was doing my Sacred Codes of Love from Mary Magdalena I suddenly ascended into the most joyful energy and consciousness.

In the past within me was a deep seated belief from my childhood that I had embodied and embraced which said “I am bad”.  It was the energy of guilt and shame. This belief often stopped me or blocked me from having what I wanted or needed. Jesus always would tell me that God does not punish us that we are the ones who punish ourselves.

With this old belief I would attract others or situations to punish me. The universe always returns to you what you think and feel. Now this thought of being bad was not a conscious thought it was running in the unconscious from what I had embraced and then this feeling and its energy was lowered into my soul.

I am now excited to tell you that my little girl ascended this morning and without any coaching from me began herself love work speak the truth of who she is and knowing herself as good and that her life is good. As this part of me began the new Walk up the Staircase to Heaven she is becoming one with her Divinity and becoming whole once again. My whole body is vibrating with such joy and excitement to live and share the joy with everyone.

The work with Jesus and Mary Magdalena and the Codes of Love and Ascension are not of this world. They will take you from your limitations of third dimensional reality into the Fifth Dimension of Love of Self.

I so dearly want to share this way with you so that we can all live Heaven on Earth. We each have a vast contribution to make as we each Walk the Staircase to Heaven and leave the third dimension with all of its rules and judgment. There is no need to suffer, struggle or live in pain anymore; the door is open and we can walk through. Jesus and Mary Magdalena have brought us the Way, and I am so very grateful to share this with you.

Thank you for living at this most amazing time. May you journey be one filled with grace.

Virginia Ellen



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  1. Reverend alice theriault Says:

    Dear One,
    I Am overjoyed to meet you after reading your writings in the Sedona Journal for some time. The August article touched me so that I wanted to reach out to you and just tell you that I share your devotion to the Master Jesus and have for many years. I have written my own rosary services (however, I am not nor have I ever been Catholic) as I had a love experience with Mother Mary in a little Indian chapel in the Southwest which began my opening and service to the One. I used the
    Lord’s Prayer written in Aramaic and know the divine energy that it invokes. I, too, have had an enlightening experience with Jesus and it continues with many blessings. I just want to say thank you for all you do and for our divine connection and love.
    Namaste and Many Blessings,

  2. Reverend alice theriault Says:

    I am not clear why I am asked to do this as I just completed a letter for Virginia Ellen.
    My comment is: This is a beautiful website, very touching and connected to the Divine while offering thoughts and affirmations that will uplift everyone.
    Thank You

  3. virginia Says:

    thank you Rev. Alice for love and acknowledgment.

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