The Second Coming
There are two million beings that are now incarnated who agreed to assist in the Second Coming; I am calling upon you now. You are encoded to Activate the Christ Light within and become the Living Christ to heal yourselves and the world.

At this time, you are all needed to continue your purification of self, for the world needs you. You are the hope of mankind. You are the Second Coming of Christ and when enough of you are holding and living the Christ Self, I will come again and walk with you as your brother. You must become and hold the Christ Vibration, and as you do, you will heal yourselves and the world.

Sacred Heart Yoga is the science of the body. If you desire to know of God and become as God is, then use it as a vehicle to enter the state of bliss and oneness with your own divinity.

I have brought this forth to the western world to accelerate your spiritual awakening. It is designed to ignite and birth forth the Christ Light within you, your pure essence as God. America is the Promised Land, freedom must return to this land. Christ Beings shall reign upon this land and return it to its purity.

America is the I AM of the earth. Sacred Heart Yoga is the movement of the Second Coming, which is within you. Use it to activate the light within you my Beloved Ones. Once activated, the light within will transform your limitations and you will become a Living Christ.

You Are Divine Light In A Body

Your Sacred Seals are where the Divine Light is housed, where this Divine Light that you are is located. It’s actually pure, crystal clear energy. This pure crystalline energy found in your Sacred Seals is the Christ Light. All of the wisdom that you brought with you is in your Sacred Seals; your spiritual gifts as well as your spiritual knowledge.

As your Sacred Seals activate, that light begins to move through the physical body and begins to purify you of toxic thoughts and emotions. The Sacred Seals provide you with higher consciousness, Christ Consciousness.

Christ Consciousness, is located inside your
Sacred Seals, and it is waiting to live through you, as you.

You brought with you something extraordinary; you have a mission, a Divine Purpose for being here at this time. That mission and purpose is lying dormant in your Sacred Seals waiting for you to unveil its extraordinary light. You are really Divine Light in a body. You’re not your personality, you’re not your physical body and you’re not anything that is material, because you are eternal energy.

Jesus gave me a practice, which is called Sacred Heart Yoga, to actually do this process of activating this pure Christ Light in the human body. The first series of prayers and postures build the light through devotion to the Indwelling God.

What creates this to expand and multiply is the frequency of love. Love expands any field and it multiplies anything. When you are looking inside yourself and you acknowledge that you have the light in you, you have spirit right inside your flesh. You cannot be separate from it because it is inside your physical body. You are the bearer of light. You walk the earth with the light inside of you.

When you activate the light, its intelligence begins to live through you. The practice of Sacred Heart Yoga is what Jesus calls, The Lost Science of Prayer. This science expands and multiplies the light in the body.

Once the light activates, it begins the process of reeducating the intellect with spiritual truth, the light then dissolves the past with its pain and limited beliefs. This incredible light even reprograms the unconscious mind to become one with the mind of love and truth (Christ Consciousness).


A Christ expresses truth without restrictions. There is no need to please, no need to be approved of or loved from outside of you.

When the within is filled with Unlimited Truths of the Fifth Dimension your without will become Heaven on Earth. It is up to you Beloved Ones, for you are the Divine Force of your life. All of your problems will dissolve when you live a life filled with Unlimited Truth.

When you accept yourself as less than your Divinity, you experience yourself as less than Divine. As you begin to hold the Unlimited Truths of who you are within your being you will become King in your Kingdom.

You will be the ruler of yourself and will be in control of your life.
Your Brother in Service –Jesus

Second Coming of Christ Retreat
New Years Eve in Tubac, AZ.

Yeshua will lead us into the energy and consciousness as I bring him through to share the Wisdom of the Second Coming. The time is now if we are ready. Join us and bring Heaven to Earth in your life and the world.
This will be a magical 4 days and our lives will never be the same, the world will never be the same.

Dates: arrive on 12/27 and complete on the evening of 12/31.
Location: Tubac Golf and Spa Resort: Tubac, AZ

Fly into Tucson and it’s about a 45 minute drive. If you choose to stay at the resort they are holding rooms for us until Nov.10th. When making your reservations ask for the discount with the Virginia Ellen Retreat.

This resort is the first ranch in the area and some of the buildings are original. You will have full use of the tennis courts, spa with Jacuzzi, steam and sauna. Tubac is a small western art village filled with art galleries, charm and great restaurants.

Energy Exchange: $425.00… If paid before Nov. 10th it will be $399.00. You may reserve your space with a $200.00 deposit.