Virginia Ellen is a modern day mystic and a bearer of Jesus’ original message. She had a near-death experience where she came face-to-face with her teacher, Jesus. In this transformative experience, Virginia was infused with the wisdom and energy to Activate the Sacred Seals (the Light in humanity).  She now transmits this Sacred Energy to others, bringing God to life in every cell of the body while Activating their Sacred Seals.

Virginia speaks the Living Word of God that transmits a sacred code of love to the listener. The energy of her words will echo in your body creating the Spin of Ascension. This transmission from Virginia will cause your cells to vibrate at an accelerated speed. This spiral moves in an upward motion and you begin to ascend, moving back to your original Light. This is the path Home that you have longed for.

Virginia’s presence creates a living opportunity to move out of one’s limitations. She has inspired thousands to find their true selves with her wisdom, her love and her passion.

Virginia is an author, medical intuitive, mystic, and coach. She founded Sacred Heart Yoga and developed The Medicine of Love: Reprogramming the Unconscious Mind. She is author of Sacred Heart Yoga: Activation of the Sacred Seals and and Perfect Peace: Jesus’ Way to Attain Peace.