The New Moon is a Golden Opportunity to build the Light in Our Main Channel by being Loyal. To be Loyal we will have to be strong, committed, devoted and in mastery of our thoughts and actions. 
Loyalty is a somewhat forgot trait in the world today. What does loyalty really look like? 
Pledging your allegiance to what you believe in, to the God of Your Being, or pledging your allegiance to your intentions, choices and desires. For instance, if you are choosing an increase in your health and longevity then say: I pledge my allegiance to my health and rejuvenation.  
Next step, be faithful to your words, which may look like being obedient to a diet, exercise program, or thoughts and feelings that make you feel happy. , 
Be devoted to your intention by choosing to stay steadfast as you trust yourself. Be dependable as you learn to depend on yourself to fulfill your word. 
Commitment is another way we are loyal and devoted to the God within rather than the material world of the ego which pulls us off course.
I am dedicated to my practices and becoming the Living Light . This now becomes my first choice, my only true choice, for nothing else is real. From this place I am given all things and Inherit the Kingdom.
To what will you be loyal? This is a great question to ask yourself. 


Indeed life is energy; it is the all that is. It is in Sacred Unity with all that is. Life is Sacred Energy and it is always moving. It moves through you depending on your thoughts and your emotions. It lifts you into higher states of consciousness and it also brings you down into lower states of consciousness – for your thoughts create the energy, your emotions move the energy through your body. Again, I will say life is energy. You are a Sacred Energy being, and you have control of your energy because you have free choice to think and feel in the moment. And so life is lived moment to moment and in the moment you have full charge and full control of your experience of life. You are creating your experience of life. That is how powerful you are.

Now say, I am experiencing the life that I have created, I have created my experience and I can recreate my experience of life moment to moment.

You are everlasting life. For you are everlasting energy. Your energy is depleted by your thoughts of the ego mind and your emotions of fear and anger. Your Essence of life is Sacred Energy and it is forever and ever and ever and it is never depleted. The source can never be depleted – the source of joy, the source of love, the source of health, the source of finances. You have a bank within you that you can draw upon; it is the bank of love, of joy, and abundance. For you are endless energy and this energy is Divine, it is the energy of Pure Light, the Christ Light.

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Begin to Rejuvenate

The Truth about You with Virginia Ellen

Virginia Ellen will transmit a Sacred Code to the listener through the language of love that will illuminate the body, educate the mind and bring the listener the frequency of regeneration.

In divine depth each word spoken provides the vibration of rejuvenation that enters every cell of your body renewing it and restoring it.


Tracks include:

1. How Rejuvenation Begins

2. Creating A New Vision of Self

3. Learn Your True Purpose for Being Alive

4. How You Can Experience Your True Self

5. Walk The Path of Rejuvenation

6. How Beliefs Block Rejuvenation

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New Moon and the Throat Chakra

The New Moon is a cycle of communication, sharing ideas, speaking love and truth. Wisdom of the Throat and the Fifth Sacred Seal…. If we find that it is difficult to express our heart felt feelings then there is healing to be done.

A Fifth Dimensional being is free to speak and express her/his feelings freely. A Fifth Dimensional being loves itself by understanding its own fears, anger, and sadness. There is no judgment of the self for its limited perceptions or feelings. Once you reach this state of loving self, it is easy to love the fear, anger, and sadness in humanity.

We must begin to know ourselves deeply so that we can understand what makes us react, why we need to prove a point or be right. Every thought and feeling that is not of love is a incorrect concept and needs to be Resurrected. When you find yourself reacting in anyway to the outer world, immediately go into the self and ask why is this making you upset. Each reaction is a Golden Opportunity for Resurrection. The Golden Light is Unconditional Love.

Signs that the Throat center is out of balance.


Blaming others

Judging others

Not asking for what you need

Not being able to tell others you are hurt or upset

Not listening to others with interest

Excessive chatter

Not feeling safe enough to speak what you feel

This new cycle is time to begin a deeper relationship with our hearts and our deep hidden feelings as well as our inability to speak. When the heart is filled with love of self it easily speaks what is felt in the heart.

Jesus calls the Fifth Sacred Seal the Seal of Deliverance. You do nothing as all good is delivered to you. The Circle of Love is lived and experienced as the heart is clear and gives of itself in its expression.

The Truth is your voice is the voice of God. Your ego and its incorrect concepts is God also however it does not know it. Learn the Art of Self Love through Mary Magdalena and her Circle of Love. It will open the Gateways of your Heart and the Seal of Deliverance will be able to express and receive.

The Priest is our Divine Male in the Fifth Sacred Seal and he will speak the Truth through you without any unhealed emotions attached to the communication.

I plan to offer the Isis Healing Temple Certification again which we are calling the Circle of Love. August 3rd to the 31st. Monday evenings at 5:30pm PST. 5 weeks of deep love and deep healing.


When I started the circle of love course, my confidence in myself was not very high. I often felt like I wasn’t doing a good enough job. Also I have a sense that I was hiding from myself and just going through every day on autopilot.

In the first and second classes we worked on talking to ourselves (ego). After practicing this for a few days, I am now taking much better care of myself, feeding myself better, allowing myself to rest.

I am also already noticing a big difference in my work as an artist. I am much more free in making artistic choices, not worrying about what the client will think. I’m much more relaxed in my work. And at bedtime I’m able to say to myself, I like what I did today.