We now have a new website that will allow you to receive Teachings, Truth and Holy Wisdom from the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Dimensions and Beyond. Please go to WWW.CourseinSelfLove.com to join Jesus, Mary Magdalena and Mother Mary who will be your teachers.

I will now longer be using reprogramming to share the new frequencies of these teachings.

Peace be with you,

Radiant One, Virginia Ellen




My Thanksgiving Prayer
Thank you for every moment of life.
Thank you my struggles.
I appreciate you so very much. You have served me so well to become the Love that I am.
Thank you my suffering, I love you. I bless you.
Without you I would not be what I have become, the Living Light.
I am so grateful for your service to the Light Principle that now flows though my precious flesh body bringing healing to the world.
I am so honored to be a pure heart of love that allows the miracle of physical, emotional and mental healing to occur in a moment.
I live to serve the Light Principle of the Universe and my life is filled with the Abundance of Love.  Virginia Ellen
This is such a wonderful time for awakening to the Way of Ease and Grace. In the energy of Unconditional Love everything is easy.
The Divine Feminine is the River of Love and when you Unconditionally Love the river flows through your Main Channeling affecting every cell in your body.
Every challenge that I have faster and mastered this year has served me so well. This has been the most difficult year of my life. Through these many passages of traveling from the human self to the divine self I have become the butterfly.  I am finally me, the True Love and Supreme Intelligence God expressing through my human form.
Please apply this wisdom to your life and watch it shift and change. Love is your Power, Love is Life, Love is all that matters, Love is the real world beyond this dimension. 
May the Peace of Unconditional Love flood your heart.  Virginia Ellen




Prayers for Our Country

I have been asked to offer an evening of Prayers for the future of our country.

I asked Jesus about the outcome of the election, and he said the collective consciousness of our people chose freely and clearly.

Jesus spoke of an energy in all the people that created the outcome of the election. We all have this energy buried within us. Yes, all of us. Even the Light Workers hold this energy within them buried away.

The evening of Prayers will be the healing of this deep buried emotion and energy to raise above it to the Heavenly Realms of Love and Truth. In so doing we can and will bring Heaven to Earth to serve our Country in a new way.  We will resurrect into the Heavenly Realms of Love.


I will take you very deeply within yourself. I go very, very deep and we will resurrect the pain of this energy that has been with us for life times.

If you are ready to be free and purified, please join me on Wednesday evening. 5pm, Pacific Time.

Register on the new website www.CourseinSelfLove.com

Energy Exchange is $25.00

The Divine Male is the Light of Love Manifested
The Divine Male lives through his actions, words and deeds the Light of Love. He follows his Divine Feminine Heart of Love.
In our lives the human male has ruled with the false power of force, dominance and manipulation. The human male is weak and filled with fear. The fear of weakness creates anger, and the false power of force, dominance and control.
We also feel weak, out of control in our lives at times and with world events. Weakness is an energy we do not like to think about or admit we have within us. Yet it is at the bottom of feeling overwhelmed, out of control, anger, blame, jealousy and judgement.
This week the Divine Male will share with each person how to ascend above the weakness, fear and feeling of helplessness, or being out of control of world events.
Each person will be able to ask questions as how to overcome these human feelings so that they maybe become effective Lights of Love to bring peace, and balance to our world.
Monday evening, at 6pm Pacific Time as well as Wednesday evening, at 6pm Eastern Time.
I invite you to join us so that you may shift and change the outcome of life, wars, violence and the need to use the false power of force and dominance.
Thank you for being willing to truly overcome your own weak male and become a Divine Male, who Manifest the Light of Love to all situation and circumstance in life.