Humanity has been speaking about attaining Christ Consciousness for many years now. I will give you a very large part of what this state of consciousness is and how to attain it.

First I will speak of a word that I spoke in my language which is bisha. It was used to describe one that lived separate from love. The bisha takes the form of a hard shell that lies over the heart. It also meant evil thoughts and gossip. The hard shell is created by judgement and the critical thoughts about yourself or another. Gossiping is a very large part of everyday life in the conversation on earth.

In the human body a cancer cell has a hard shell around it created from anger, judgement, resentment and hate. When the cells in your body return to love you will regenerate and rejuvenate. The body was created to live for hundreds of years.

There is another truth you must become aware of…. anger, hate, gossip and judgement destroy. They are destructive energies being projected onto another or an outside circumstance. You judge those in power for destroying the oceans, the food with GMO, the air with chemicals, the government for serving the corporations who create this destruction of earth and humanity.

Each and every time you judge or gossip you are adding to the darkness of those that choice to destroy you, your children and your earth.  You empower this destructive energy. When one judges, blames or gossips they lose their connection to love, holiness, oneness and they fall from grace.

When you judge, blame and gossip about another you become the judge, jury and you project the energy of getting even or making one pay for their error. Realize if you are doing this to another you are doing it to yourself and you do not love yourself.

Be aware that the energy of earth is speeding up and every word you speak and every feeling you feel and every action you take will return to the sender rapidly. If you fall into judgement, blame or gossip the more energy of your emotion behind this behavior will return to you as an experience.

The many storms, vocalic eruptions, earth quakes are the destructive energy of humanity returning to you.  Choose to learn the way home to the love in your own heart, it is the love of God. Love is you safety, Love is your power, Love is your salvation, and Love is your protection.

You speak about oneness, being love and this is impossible if you are still falling into the old third dimensional pattern of thought and behavior. You are destroying your own life and your own ascension into higher realms of unconditional love.


Christ Consciousness is Unconditional Love which is kindness, understanding, compassion for others because you have realized that love is all that matters, love is all that is truth or real. You have realized that everyone is innocent because you know you are innocent.

The Mind of the Christ lives in union with Sacred Energy.  The Christ realizes it is love and it does not need love or approval from others so it is free to truly be of service. The Christ wants nothing for the self and needs nothing it is whole and complete because it loves itself. The Christ allows everyone to be as they are without judgement. The Law of Allowing is understood and lived. In this state of consciousness there are no attachments to the outcome or the material world.

Awaken from judgement, blame and gossip. Realized if you partake of this form of behavior you are the one you are blaming and judging. Heal your self- hate, self-blame and be freed to love.

May peace return to your hearts and the earth, Your Brother in Service to the Second Coming of Christ, Jesus


The Divine Purpose of the Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart is a gift from the Divine Love and Light that created you. At this time there is a great light descending from the Heavenly Realms of Truth and Love to all life on earth. This light is being administered to earth for the purpose of Ascension into the Heavenly Realms of Truth and Love.

The purpose of the Sacred Heart is to Decode this Light Frequency and bring forth the wisdom and truth that the light holds for you. Each ray of light is coded with vast wisdom from the Heavenly. When one has a clear heart that is free from fear, worry, anger, blame, judgement and unworthiness it can receive the light and it can Decode the wisdom so that it may use this light to heal the world. This my Beloved Ones is Bringing Heaven to Earth. It is all done through the Sacred Heart which resides within you.

I have brought to you many years ago the practice to Activate your Sacred Heart and Brain for the purpose of Becoming a Living Christ. Once the Sacred Heart is Activated it begins to develop if one continues to practice. It will continue to reprogram the human code of the limitations, pain, suffering and fear. When you are afraid you become angry and you worry….. then the heart is blocked from receiving.

The answers to all of the world’s problems and your own personal concerns is now waiting in the Encoded Light from the Heavenly Realms to be brought through the Sacred Heart to heal the world. Once one embraces the wisdom from the Heavenly Realms they will live the Truth and Love through their heart. The Christ express though the Sacred Heart to bring forth Truth and Love to all.

You must know the Truth to Live it. You must embrace the Truth to Bring Heaven to Earth. Your Brother in Service to the Second Coming, Jesus

Ascension Coaching now Available.

This work is breaking free from the matrix of limited beliefs that are holding the 3D world in place. You will be imprinted with the frequencies of the Truth from the Fifth Dimension. These high vibrational frequencies will be implanted into your mind, cells and the emotional body will be cleanse as the soul is purified from the past.
You will be embracing and embodying Christ Consciousness, so that you may live it and heal the world. 

The most effective way  to accomplish this ascension is to do 4 session, one a week for 4 weeks consecutive if possible. Introductory price is $75.00 each, 4 sessions for $300.00 or $135.00 for one.

Geronimo and Jesus for a Memorable event in Apache country.

Friday evening, April 22nd, and all day 23rd and 24th

Virginia Ellen will channel both of these amazing beings for the purpose of Illumination and Ascension.

Jesus speaks:  One of the great Violations of Universal Law was the destruction and devastation of the American Indian, they were an evolved civilization who lived in Oneness with Mother Earth and the Great Spirit of all life.

As they lived in oneness with the Mother, in honor she held them in her immaculate love and absorbed their pain, humiliation, and broken hearts.

It is time now for the Earth to be purified as the souls who suffered are lifted up into the Heavenly Realms of Light.  Ascension of the Earth and all those who suffered will be Illuminated by the Christ Light.

The Apache Nation and her people will be Illuminated as the souls of their ancestors are Illuminated. There will be a great shift in the frequency of the Apache living on earth at this time. “

It is time for the Indians to be treated with honor and respect for the Great Wisdom they hold. We need these Great People to be set Free if we desire to ascend, for they are a part of us.

If you feel drawn to serve in this way, Geronimo and Jesus will show you the way of the Christ…. The Christ is the way of Truth, Honor, and Illumination.

Location: Holiday Inn, Wilcox, AZ

Rooms are single or double occupancy. Make your reservation with the Hotel.

Please Register Early: Limited space in the conference room.