October is a month for great growth and expansion into the new energies that are down pouring from the Heavenly Realms to move us up the Staircase to Heaven.

New ideas will be abundant do not let your ego mind or fears stop you from leaping into the ocean of bliss that awaits you. Such joy to dive into the unknown state of being while Trusting that something wonderful is Happening in the Universe right now.

I had such an experience, in September I let go and made new choices. One of the abundant outcomes is we will be doing a Walk About with the Christ in the large cities and Jesus will train us how to transmit the Christ Light to the masses lifting the world.

He will walk with us through the cities as we bring love and light to the darkness and depression of the world as he did in his lift time.

Those who are involved in the Christ Consciousness Mentoring will be serving to train others in these gatherings that will become world wide. To serve in this way brings tears of joy to my eyes as my heart opens its Gateway to the Love of the Christ Light within.

To serve is the way to Joy!


Solar Eclipse….Important Wisdom and Guidance

We are now in the Solar Eclipse which is occurring on 9/12 ..9/13 depending on what area you reside in. This most magical time is a new beginning for a new world. The potential is vast and unlimited.  The world is about to go through a lot of letting go of old structures of energy, consciousness and behavior.

All system will begin to shift and change such as educational systems, banking systems, health systems, governmental systems and financial systems.

During these next few years the world we have always known will no longer be as it was. Each one of us must make room for this great earthly shift. WE each must make room for the light to abide more fully within us by making room and letting the old behaviors, way of thinking and are emotional pain shift into a new expanded reality of Christ Consciousness.

Very Important guidance from Jesus “do not let your ego lead you… make all choices from your heart. For whatever you choice now will be with you for a long time. The changes you make now will be lasting.’


I am offering a special on private session with Jesus or Magdalena to be given what is most important now for you to change. $50.00 savings until the 30th

September brings with it a wave of new Light Codes that will change our lives forever. This is our last quarter of 2015 and this new wave of Light brings many endings and new beginnings. Be unattached if possible and allow people and things to leave your life. As things intensify and unexpected changes occur know that   the power of the new Light Codes is washing away what is no longer needed so that the new can be planted and produce a new world of love, peace and abundance. We will be going through the process of endings and new beginnings for a richer and more abundant cycle of life.

These Light Codes are about endless possibilities and unlimited potential of the Heavenly Realms. Heaven is coming to Earth in the new Wave of Light Codes. Be open and willing to move into the new by letting the old go, in ease and grace. Ease and Grace is created by not holding on to old ways of being or our ways of thinking. Allowing is a state of Unconditional Love which brings into form the unlimited possibilities for all things.  Realize that you know nothing and the Divine in you knows everything. Get out of the Way and allow.

This maybe a very emotional time for us …I am offering a special on private Healing sessions with Magdalena and Jesus to assist you with what is needed to move with Ease and Grace through the Gateway of these Light Codes. You are the Gatekeeper and the gate is locked inside of you or opened inside of you.

Open the Gate by allowing these two masters to bring to the light of your awareness what is needed to be seen and released. This work with Jesus and Margdalena will be very energetic. Regular price $150.00 Special from Sept. 9 th to 30th is $100.00.  

Your divinity is Pure Light. Your limited beliefs of life, love, money, sexuality and all other forms of Life and all the religious beliefs have limited you. That is the cost of living by manmade laws. These laws of man have limited you.  They lead to living in duality and this is what limits you, judgments of self or another.

It is your thoughts that have lowered you into suffering and struggling and hardship, for in truth you are eternal and everlasting love, you are eternal and everlasting energy which is Life.  Life is energy, the wind is energy, snowflakes are energy, the rain is energy, and the river is energy – what moves the river is energy.  That, which moves the Life force within you, is energy.

You are not human, for that limits you to think that you are just a human being.  You are a God being – the light of God in human form.  You are the light of God that moves through this human body, this body carries the light wherever you go.  You can seek this light through you.  You can see with the eyes of the light.  You can speak the words of wisdom and love.  You can live the love that you are and live the light that you are.  For love creates light and light is Life.  The wisdom and the truth is what create the light to grow stronger within you and regenerate the cells of your body.  Cease thinking of yourself as limited or just human, you are God Human, you are a light being expressing through a human form.  You are eternal love expressing through a human form.  That is what you were designed to do.   That is the great design for humanity.

Speak the Truth:  “I am designed to live forever in a Spiritualized Body.